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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>

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Bobbi Kristina Brown moved into hospice care: 'She's in God's hands now,' says Houston family Bobbi Kristina Brown has been moved to a hospice, five months after suffering irreversible brain damage and being medically induced in a coma. Continue>

Apple Music Will Pay Royalties To Artists During Three-Month Trial Period The streaming service has been largely criticised by Taylor Swift Continue>

P Diddy arrested over 'kettle bell attack on his son's American football coach' P. Diddy has been arrested and bailed after an alleged assault on his son's football coach involving a weight-room kettle bell. Continue>

Rachel Dolezal, civil rights activist, quits NAACP after 'black' row Rachel Dolezal, the US activist who was at the centre of a row after allegations she had been "pretending to be black", has stepped down from her role at a… Continue>


Soul City, Ibiza - it's a good look! Regular readers of Black Sheep, and hardened attendees of the Summer nightlife action of Ibiza, will no doubt know what to expect from Soul City, the island's undisputed number one spot for urban/ black music. This season, however, alongside the usual party vibe and friendly family atmosphere, they might get a little more than they were expecting. During its Winter closure, the venue underwent a cosmetic overhaul, and now boasts fresh new decor and an… Continue>

Someone recently asked: 'is such-and-such a politician corrupt?'  'Are they a politician?', I replied. 'Yes, of course', came the answer. 'Well, there's your answer then.' Continue>
Suge Knight: Blight on humanity | Azealia Banks: selective morality | 'Saint' Bob Geldof; serving the Hidden Hand | Johnny & Russell: Rotten and Rottener | Solar: How Soon We Forget
Public Enemy
The Roundhouse, London, 27th June 2015

Public Enemy If you ever check for Chuck D on Twitter, he constantly drops science as to the ‘art of the show,’ citing prime examples, giving his sage wisdom and making comparisons with his own interpretation of how to give a great live performance. For someone who has been doing just that,… Continue>

Don't Curse (Heavy D & The Boyz, 1991)
By Mark Devlin

Whenever hip-hop heads discuss classic posse cuts, the usual suspects get rehashed - 'Scenario', 'Live at the BBQ', 'Buddy', and now, 'Forever'. The one that always get overlooked is this epic gem from Heavy D's 1991 album 'Peaceful Journey'. Continue>

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