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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>

Black Sheep Hotspots
It's Wales' time to party on Good Friday, as Black Sheep Magazine touches down at Cardiff's hot new nightspot for its official Wales launch party. It's all happening at The 411 Club at 3-6 St. Mary Street, Cardiff, on Friday 2nd April. Continue>
Black Sheep Mag lands in Northern Ireland on Saturday 10th April, for an event of epic proportions. We're staging our N.I regional Launch Party in conjunction with the official after-party for the Portrush Open Surf Festival, which is taking place throughout the preceding week. Continue>

The 411 Club, Cardiff

By Mark Devlin | 18 January 2010
Published in: Black Sheep Hotspots
In a nightlife scene now dominated by High Street chains all playing exactly the same selection of predicable pop pap, it's encouraging to know there are still independent venues out there run by people with a passion for REAL music, and willing to cater to those with discerning taste who… Continue>

Black Sheep Mag comes to Aberdeen

By Mark Devlin | 17 January 2010
Published in: Black Sheep Hotspots
Scotland, it's your time! Black Sheep Magazine is set to hit Aberdeen on Sunday 31st January for its official Scottish Launch party. The action will be happening at Korova Bar & Kitchen, in association with the venue's regular Midnight Express event. Continue>
Ask any R&B fan who went raving in London in the late 90s to recall their favourite club night, and it's a fair bet Fresh N Funky would be in there. The legendary sessions at the Hanover Grand drew fashionable ravers from all around, and frequently showcased visiting US acts… Continue>

Soul City Ibiza: Jump up to get down

By Mark Devlin | 19 September 2009
Published in: Black Sheep Hotspots
Soul City remains the original and unbeaten choice of Ibiza niterie if a lively mix of urban/ black music is your thing, (and if you're reading this site, we think it's a fairly safe bet that it is!) Continue>

The Emporium, Fleet

By Mark Devlin | 02 September 2009
Published in: Black Sheep Hotspots
Big things are happening at The Emporium nightspot in Fleet following its recent extensive refurb. And none bigger than on Friday 23rd October, when the venue will be hosting a Black Sheep Mag launch party. Continue>

Charlotte Street Blues, London

By Mark Devlin | 29 July 2009
Published in: Black Sheep Hotspots
The last time we checked it was pretty strong in Memphis and St. Louis too. But Black Sheep can say with certainty that the blues is alive and well in London. It's all happening at theĀ  logically-named Charlotte Street Blues, a stones throw from the West End, where legendary names… Continue>

Smooth Grooves, The Apartment, Dubai, UAE

By Mark Devlin | 08 July 2009
Published in: Black Sheep Hotspots
There are enough reasons to visit Dubai without adding quality nightlife to the mix. The place is dumbfounding by any standards. What was still a small fishing village as recently as 40 years ago has grown into an immense urban sprawl of high-rise businesses, hotels, private apartments and theme parks… Continue>

Soul City, San Antonio, Ibiza

By Mark Devlin | 08 July 2009
Published in: Black Sheep Hotspots
Soul City proved long ago that there's more to Ibiza's nightlife scene that just dance and house, and has played a big part in bringing about the island's assorted forays into urban music territory. Continue>
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