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DJ Woody Madera

By Mark Devlin | 06 May 2010
A walk down the average British High Street on a Friday night will show there are any number of DJs who can throw on some tried and tested floorfillers, unmixed, and get a good reaction. By the same token, there are a great many turntablists - DJs who have studied the art of mixing and scratching to the most intricate detail, but who remain too aloof to play anything vaguely recognisable.


Combining the two elements to provide a lively and crowd-friendly selection, mixed with dazzling skill and precision, is something very few DJs are able to carry off. It's this which forms the very trademark of Lancashire-born Lee Woodvine, better known as DJ Woody.

The young Lee was turned on to the sounds of electro hip-hop back in the mid-80s. By 1992, he'd saved enough through part-time jobs to invest in some equipment and to tirelessly practice his mixing skills, largely as part of the Manchester collective The Handroids. He'd entered his first professional DJ competition by 1999, quickly going on to gain more championship titles than any of his contemporaries, and to become the first ever European DJ to win the coveted World ITF title.

As his reputation grew, natural progression saw Woody recruited for shows by the likes of Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, Cypress Hill, De La Soul and DJ Shadow. He began touring internationally, notching up over 400 shows in more than 35 countries. A key event was the Russian Percussian tour undertaken alongside the UK's DJ Vadim.

It was inevitable that recording work would follow, and in 2006, Woody released his 'A Country Practice' mix album on his own Woodwurk imprint, receiving acclaim from many of hip-hop's often hard-nosed critics.

Knocking the idea that there was little else left for him to do on its head, meanwhile, the latest development has been Woody Madera's Turntables In Technicolor tour. This involves him combining turntablism with live audio-visuals, manipulating DVD files with the decks to control both sound and vision, giving punters a jaw-dropping assault on the senses that few other DJs in the world are able to match.

"You'd think I'd have ventured in the world of AV before now," Woody comments. "Truth is I've been really eager to get on it for years but the DVDJs never did it for me. Now, technology has caught up for those wanting the authentic vinyl feel to scratch AV. I'm in there like swimwear.
Turntables In Technicolor is my two lifelong passions together in one show!"

For more on DJ Woody, and upcoming Turntables In Technicolor tour dates, check out the following links:

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