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DJ Hones: Pride of Denmark

By Eric Maganga | 14 November 2014

Black Sheep readers, show some love and read the story of DJ Hones, who is pushing for Hip-Hop integration in Denmark without compromise.

His passion for the genre was partially cultivated during a 13-year period living in New York. Now, DJ Hones (pronounced ah-nes),describes himself as “back and forth” between the States and Denmark. On top of being one of the most in-demand record spinners for urban music, Hones has a history of opening up for all the major Hip-Hop/ R&B names making pit stops in Scandinavia.

As he opens up about a future collab with Pretty Ricky rapper Baby Blue, Hones explains: “Everything is done over the phone”. He’ll send me a hot verse and I’ll put some music to it."

His breakout single ‘Christian Bale’ made people take notice, gaining attention from DJs and being posted on Hip-Hop blogs across the globe. He gives more than a small share of credit to up-and-coming producer Hooman Beats. “He’s one of the most talented producers I heard… not just here in Denmark”.

A situation occurred where Hones was making the most of a string of European tour dates with Twista. Hones, as he explains, “put two and two together”, securing Fat Joe on the record. The remix to Twista’s R.Kelly-featured single ‘Throwing My Money’ came about organically from a jam session, and Twista “liked it so much he was like let’s put this out”. Label politics were the only thing that limited his opportunity to express the 'Throwing My Money' remix visually.

At this point, he acknowledges the fact that he might not appeal to Danish radio. “I know what I do is not what’s gonna get played on the Voice,"(Danish radio channel). Hones proposes that Denmark should follow Sweden’s example with their 100 %, 24-hour Hip-Hop radio channel Din Gata that he frequently appears on. Look out for both a full-length album and visuals for his current single ‘Shine’, featuring his own artist Realz from NYC as well. Hones' relationship with this longtime friend demonstrates his loyalty: “he would have done the same for me if he had got off to a good start, or whatever.”

Living abroad has given the DJ perspective. A quick scan of his Instagram reveals the DJ’s affection for his wife and kids, an element of his personality that he does not shy away from. They are his motivation to ‘Shine’.

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