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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>

Hoof to the Head

Lupe Fiasco: Same shit, different name

By Ewen Ramsbottom | 13 February 2017
Published in: Hoof to the Head
I used to respect Lupe Fiasco, feeling he was that rarest of entities - a rapper signed to a corporate label who stayed outside of the usual trends and agendas, and expressed himself freely and meaningfully on tracks like ‘Words I Never Said.’ Continue>

Trump stakes: where politics and hip-hop meet

By Shaun Shearer | 21 January 2017
Published in: Hoof to the Head
Jay-Z, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin performed at Barack Obama’s inauguration concert in 2009, the audience packed out with black music’s cool crowd. The woeful line-up cobbled together for Donald Trump’s event this week speaks volumes as to his fashionability and demographic appeal; a motley crew including country singer… Continue>

2016: Can everyone stop dying now, please?

By Ewen Ramsbottom | 28 December 2016
Published in: Hoof to the Head
It will go down forever as the year of the celebrity death cull. If there’s ever been a famous body count higher than that of the last 12 months I’d like to hear about it. The eclectic array of those lost in 2016 is such that, pretty much everyone will… Continue>

Is it because I is white and middle class?

By Shaun Shearer | 10 November 2016
Published in: Hoof to the Head
Honey G. It's all a big joke, right? The only question is whether it's she herself who is the butt of it, or the general public at large.  Who's the player and who's getting played? Continue>

Hip-hop's role in the war on black culture

By Ewen Ramsbottom | 15 October 2016
Published in: Hoof to the Head
The insidious control system that we have clearly has contempt for the bulk of humanity - those it considers to be 'useless eaters.' But it strikes me that it harbours a particularly hateful brand of contempt towards people of colour. Lawrence Fishburne's Furious Styles character in the classic movie 'Boyz… Continue>
As if to drive home the absolute corporate dominance at all levels of the US market, even those artists commonly thought of as 'conscious' rappers, whose music has stayed outside of the obvious corporate agendas, have offered the odd clue as to the true nature of their industry owners. Continue>

Regression: it's the new progression

By Ewen Ramsbottom | 16 February 2016
Published in: Hoof to the Head
Besides reinforcing criminal stereotypes, there is another aspect to the insidious agenda which has been slowly rolled out in hip-hop over the past two decades. Continue>

The strange enigma of Jay Electronica

By Ewen Ramsbottom | 20 November 2015
Published in: Hoof to the Head
When resolving to discover the true nature of an artist and what motivates their actions, there are few examples full of more apparent contradictions and paradoxes than the case of Jay Electronica. His very persona has an air of unexplained mystery about it, and those who have met him have… Continue>

The Illuminati - it's so last year, darling

By Shaun Shearer | 29 October 2015
Published in: Hoof to the Head
References to 'The Illuminati' have become commonplace in mainstream hip-hop lyrics, to the point that they have eclipsed the frequent references to legendary gangster characters like Scarface and Don Corleone as a way of courting controversy. There is almost a cachet of 'cool' that has come to be associated with… Continue>

Robin Thicke: new recruit

By Shaun Shearer | 03 October 2015
Published in: Hoof to the Head
In recent times we've been given another example of an artist who started out with musical integrity, but has ended up being degraded into yet another corporate marionette. We're talking the recent history of Robin Thicke. The same blueprint and tried-and-tested formula can be seen as with so many of… Continue>
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