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Sean 'Puffy' Combs

By Nobby Lamb | 19 October 2009

Most hip-hop heads over the age of 25, (and whose idea of 'old school' extends beyond 50 Cent and Eminem,) are agreed that the overall meaningfulness of the mainstream scene has been steadily going downhill for the past 15 years. On the grounds that all unfortunate situations require a scapegoat, (Lee Harvey Oswald for JFK, Bin Laden for 9/11,) who can be blamed for instigating this perpetual downfall in our beautiful art form?

Skip forward Sean 'Puffy' Combs/ Puff Daddy/ P Diddy/ Diddy, or whatever the fuck he's calling himself this week.

The very fact that this clown feels the need to continually change his moniker speaks volumes - as if he's conscious that he's pissed enough people off under one pseudonym that it's time to switch and do the same all over again. It's bad enough that Puff's gay dancing, tiresome 'uh huh, yeah, thats right' cameos, and vacuous references to champagne and Armani suits have driven the whole hip-hop zeitgeist since 1994, (notwithstanding the fact that he remains the only hip-hop 'producer' not to have actually produced anything in his career.)

No, Puff's crimes extend beyond just hip-hop to encroach on humanity itself. It's no accident that he's always seen in his trademark dark glasses. Have you seen those shifty, untrustworthy eyes? This guy is a wrongun to the core, and dangerous to be around.

The story surrounding the sudden demise of Puff's 'friend' and protege Notorious BIG is one well told ... though you get different versions of the story depending on the source. For many, that will be the sanitised Hollywood version of the events in 'Notorious'. (Little wonder that the Executive Producer of said movie just happens to be one S. Combs.)

Then there was the shooting fiasco in New York City in 1999 in which three people were seriously injured. Just to recap, Puff, his girlfriend at the time, J Lo, and newly-signed Bad Boy rapper Shyne are up in a club spot, get into an altercation, and gunshots ring off. Puff and Shyne go to court on various charges. Puff, the millionnaire impresario with a team of highly-paid hotshot lawyers gets off. Shyne, the new boy from the ghetto gets sent down for nine years. What a surprise. Never saw that result coming.

Shyne was released just recently, of course, which led to the farcical statement from Puffy that "It's a blessing that Shyne is coming home. I spoke with him a couple weeks ago. He sounded like he was in good spirits." This met with a harsh denial from Shyne himself, via his lawyers, who stated. “I want it known that this supposed conversation is a figment of Sean Combs’ imagination. He never spoke with me, he never visited me nor would I ever accept a phone call or visit from him." Go figure.

This year, former Bad Boy Records rapper Mark Curry independently published his book, 'Dancing With The Devil', in which he recounts his early days on the label, and Puff promising him fame, fortune and seven-figure riches. Naturally none of this materialised. In fact, says Curry, he felt so hoodwinked and manipulated that he had to leave the label for the sake of his marriage, career and mental well-being. The book also touches on how the mainstream hip-hop scene is controlled by the Freemasons and the key players in the New World Order, with Puff in place as a significant agent of the movement.

Sean 'Puffy' Combs. Not someone you'd want to be on Judgement Day. In the meantime, he gets the hoof. Bad Boy motherfucker.

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