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Barack Obama - A Lie Too Far

By Shaun Shearer | 09 May 2011

OK. Real talk. It's time for us all to grow up, be mature, and face the reality that's staring us dead in the face. Barack Obama is a lying, deceiving, corrupt, narcissistic fraud, and it's time people stopped using his colour as a means of defence. I couldn't care less if the guy was Chinese, Lithuanian, yellow, black or sky-blue pink. 'Mr. Change' is an opportunist liar, and the world has been monumentally duped.

The current farce surrounding Osama Bin Laden's 'death' is one lie too far. Despite the fact that the hordes of unthinking drones who slavishly believe anything the mainstream media tells them appear to have swallowed the lie, (witness the tribes of morons gathered on the White House lawn chanting 'USA, USA',) the Control System who have always owned Obama's ass have really pushed it with this one. As the weeks go by, and the pathetic tissue of lies and propaganda about Bin Laden unfold, more and more are going to start questioning the validity of what Obama has been telling us. And if he can lie about something as profound as this, what else has been a lie? 

Try virtually every word that's come out of his lips since his 2008 election campaign. The cynical contempt towards the public was in place then, but so few of us saw it. In the same way that Tony Blair's fresh-faced grin was sold to a British public utterly sick of the inept Tories in 1997, so 'Mr. Hope' was paraded in front of a United States disillusioned with eight years of fascist dictatorship imposed by Idiot Bush, (or at least the demonic Zionist puppetmasters who told him what to do.) 

What was even more despicable was the way the Controllers played the race card, recruiting the likes of Illuminati asset Jay-Z to increase Obama's appeal to the hip-hop generation, and taking in both black and white voters by peddling the illusion that 'at last, anyone can be President. Look how far we've come!' Well, anyone can be president ... so long as they've spent their entire career being shaped and moulded by the Zionist cabal that runs the world, have a complete absence of empathy, compassion and basic humanity, are happy to lie by reflex action, and don't mind selling their soul to the lowest bidder. 

Throwing the 'racist' accusation at anyone who criticises Obama, (who is half-black, please don't forget) is playing right into the hands of those who placed him there. It's exactly what they want you programmed to do. It's the same as branding as 'anti-Semitic' anyone who dares criticise the butchers of Israel over their insane slaughter of children in Palestine, or as 'a conspiracy theorist' anyone who exercises their right to question the pitiful cover story of 9/11. 

Everything about Obama is a lie. According to many sources, it's not even his real name. He was born Barry Soetoro in Kenya, not Hawaii. The 'birth certificate' that was miraculously produced last week after two years of requests was a Photoshop forgery of the most infantile standards. And notice how it was presented just two days before the 'death' of Bin Laden so the world's attention was rapidly deflected? Brings to mind Donald Rumsfeld announcing the US had lost billions of dollars that couldn't be accounted for on 10th September 2001. Anything happen the next day, can you remember? 

Obama was placed in the President's office by fraud, and by selling voters the illusion that he was so radically different from George W Bush. In appearance maybe, but that's where it ends.  If he's so different, how come he's surrounded himself with many of the same 'advisors' that worked alongside Bush, not least the deeply sinister Zbigniew Brzezinski? 

It's worth diehard Obama fans reflecting on a few issues surrounding 'Mr Yes We Can.' Obama promised, pre-election, to close Guantanamo Bay within a year. It's still open, so apparently We Can't do that. Obama promised, pre-election, to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. Not only are they still there - in increased numbers - but he's now added an illegal invasion of Libya to the picture - that's something We Can do, at least. The sick irony of him being awarded a Nobel 'Peace' Prize is just further proof of how this world is in the clutches of insanity. 

So, on to the Bin Laden fairytale. When Obama pronounced Bin Laden as dead, he was absolutely correct. Except he forgot to add the words "since 2002." Multiple sources, including former US government insiders, have come forward to reveal that Osama Bin Laden was gravely ill in 2001. It's on record that he was admitted to an American Hospital in Dubai in July of that year, suffering from kidney problems, and reportedly, the degenerative disease Marfan Syndrome. Some claim he was already dead by September 11th. 

Whatever the case, he was certainly dead by 2002. Insiders have stated that the US Government's plan was to keep Bin Laden's bogeyman image alive, to scare the public into accepting whatever freedom-stripping 'security' measures they chose to impose, until the most politically convenient time to announce his 'death'. When Idiot Bush needed a second term it was considered, but then they 'found' Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole, so that did the job. With Obama's popularity ratings at an all-time low, it was decided now was the time for some John Wayne heroics. 

The inconsistencies in the Bin Laden cover story speak for themselves, with 'officials' tying themselves in knots over little details like whether or not he used a wife as a human shield. So, having been peddled the lie that a man who had been dead for a decade has just been 'killed' again, we're then asked to believe that his body was conveniently dumped at sea, (after first being washed and prepared in line with his Muslim beliefs - WTF!), and that photographs do exist, but that the President has decided that they're too grisly for the public to see. This is the same President who has no problem with drone-bombing civilians in far-off countries and blowing limbs off children, by the way. Apparently that's okay. 

Here's something crazy. If you accept that Bin Laden had nothing to do with the Oklahoma City bombing (he didn't), and nothing to do with 9/11 (he didn't,) then work in the fact that he was actually a CIA asset for many years, funded by the US government to fight the Soviets during their inconvenient occupation of Afghanistan - you come to the startling realisation that this guy who has had the venom of the world poured on his name - is actually innocent of all charges, and his demonisation is one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in human history! 

Of course, none of this stuff ever gets investigated by the mainstream media, who slavishly report whatever shameful lies they're spoon-fed by the White House press office, like the automated corporate poodles that they are. Although many still seem to place their faith in what they see on their TV screens, increasing numbers are waking up to the Big Lie, and in a funny way, we have Obama and his ever-more desperate Controllers to thank for that. The latest lie is so pathetic that it stands to mark the beginning of their undoing. If they're foolish enough to continue with their plan of introducing security checkpoints at 'soft' targets such as bus stations and shopping malls under the guise of potential 'revenge attacks', and dumb enough to attempt another large-scale false flag like 9/11, the mask is going to slip even further. 

Barack Hussein Obama, if that is indeed his name, has duped black and white people alike by posing as a new MLK-type hero. He lacks even a shred of basic humanity, wouldn't know a truth if it mugged him, and hasn't seen his soul for a good decade or two. 

He is not a modern black hero. And if Bill Clinton can nearly be impeached for receiving a blowjob, where does that leave Obama?

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