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2016: Can everyone stop dying now, please?

By Ewen Ramsbottom | 28 December 2016

It will go down forever as the year of the celebrity death cull. If there’s ever been a a famous body count higher than that of the last 12 months I’d like to hear about it. The eclectic array of those lost in 2016 is such that, pretty much everyone will have been touched by the loss of at least one or two of the names. Those who may not have cared too much for Paul Daniels, Terry Wogan or Ronnie Corbett, may have been far more affected by the demises of Prince, David Bowie, Billy Paul, or George Michael.

Obituary writers have had a busy time of it since January. Inevitably, the astronomical death rates have led many to question whether there may be more to this trend than as it’s presented to us by the mainstream media - a random series of completely unconnected events, aka, ‘just the way it goes. Nothing to see here, move along’. Particularly given the absurdly early deaths of many of those concerned. Why are celebs dying in their 50s when they, of all people, would be the ones who could afford alternative healthcare treatment to avoid Death By Hospital, (as per Rick Parfitt,) as well as moving in the right social circles to be able to hear about the availability of such treatments in the first place?

Any open-minded researcher, therefore, has to consider the possibility that there might have been a dark agenda to knock off certain names before their time. This becomes far more feasible when you come to understand that the world is run by networks of dark occult practitioners who are the helm of every institution - and particularly the entertainment industry. Many who would otherwise scoffingly dismiss such claims will at least admit that there were some very strange elements and unanswered questions surrounding the deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Should it be any different with Prince, George Michael, or any number of other names lost this year? And, given that these occultists are obsessed with the magical power of numbers, isn’t it interesting that 2016 equals 6 times 6 times 6, 666 being the mythical ‘number of the beast’, and one frequently associated with secret-society mystery schools and their operations?

No-one here is naive enough to assume that the world is going to get instantly better as the calendar clicks over to 1st January 2017. But equally, there will be few who will be mourning one particular passing - that of the Grim Reaper that was 2016.

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