Lupe Fiasco: Same shit, different name

By Ewen Ramsbottom | 13 February 2017

I used to respect Lupe Fiasco, feeling he was that rarest of entities - a rapper signed to a corporate label who stayed outside of the usual trends and agendas, and expressed himself freely and meaningfully on tracks like ‘Words I Never Said.'

I now withdraw that respect upon the painful job of listening to his new album ‘Drogas Light’. I’m done with this dude.  From start to finish, this is spirit-crushing, dehumanising Satanic garbage, with absolutely the same production styles being utilised with every other commodity rapper out there. It’s clear to me now that they use artists in this way so often - they present them initially as a breath of fresh air, bucking the usual trends and appearing to have a voice of their own. Then, when the fan base is in place, they do a strategically-timed 180 and demonstrate that they’re owned property just the same as everyone else. They did it with Kanye West, and they’ve done it with so many others.

The waters only get muddied further when you factor in the line Lupe uttered on the track ’N.E.R.D’ which he previewed at the end of last year: “Artists gettin’ robbed for their publishing / By dirty Jewish execs who think that it’s alms from the covenant.” This drew the predictable scorn of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League with Lupe getting into a Twitter battle with its head Jonathan Greenblatt. But what was the real story here? Was this a calculated stunt to make Lupe appear more radical?  Was he sore at having been forced to produce such a garbage album by said execs? Or has he just lost the plot generally?

Either way, these musical flip-flops serve to either sweep along the fanbase they’ve built up into the ongoing mind-control agendas, or to disillusion them into realising they’ve lost yet another hero. Bottom line: Never trust ANY artist signed to a major corporate label. ONLY place any credibility in output from independent artists with the genuine ability to express themselves freely.

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