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Katy Perry: Taking the pizza

By Ewen Ramsbottom | 18 May 2017

The extent to which so many celebrities are merely the stooges of those who tell them what to do appeared to be borne out in the wake of the ‘Pizzagate’ scandal which emerged late last year, and which alluded to a child sex-trafficking ring centred around Washington DC, involving some high-ranking names from the world of politics. The scandal gave an insight into the dark underbelly of ‘elite’ society and got its name from the food-related phrases apparently used by the paedophiles to communicate with each other, ’pizza’ being code for a young girl. (Other phrases include ‘hot dog’ to denote a young boy, and ‘chicken’ for a young child of either sex. How low can humanity go?) Citizen researchers began to pore over the evidence for such paedophile networks, including many suspect works of ‘art’ involving images of pizza.

In 2013, Katy Perry put out the song ‘This Is How We Do’. Its accompanying video, directed by New Zealand film-maker Joel Kefali, included items of food dancing around in animated scenes, including slices of pizza. It may or may not be significant that one of the video’s brief settings is a ping-pong table, ‘ping pong’ having been identified by the FBI as a code-phrase among paedophiles to denote the passing around of a child for sexual abuse. The name of the restaurant in DC around which the ‘Pizzagate’ allegations were centred, was Comet Ping-Pong Pizza. To promote this song, Perry appeared in multiple publicity shots showing her indulging in the eating of pizza, as well as compering a live event in which she invited children up on stage with her and spoke for several minutes about how much she loved pizza.

This month, Katy Perry is back for more with the video to her song ‘Bon Appetit’, and she’s now adopted a new look consisting of closely-cropped blonde hair. In the article titled ‘What Is Happening To Katy Perry’, (the link to which is detailed at the end,) the researcher Vigilant Citizen discusses how this look is used to denote newly-programmed mind-controlled slaves. Right at the same time Justin Bieber appeared in the DJ Khaled video ‘I’m The One’ rocking the shaved blonde look, (made famous by Eminem from his initial breakthrough,) and Kanye West appeared with his hair dyed peroxide blonde shortly after his infamous ‘truth rant’ at his show in Sacramento last November, which bore all the hallmarks of a mind-control subject starting to break free of their programming and regain some of their original thoughts.

The ‘Bon Appetit’ video, directed by the Paris/ Montreal-based film-making collective Dent De Cuir, sinks to the very depths of sickness and depravity, as it portrays Perry assuming the position of the female ‘cake’ which featured in the Maria Abramovich ‘Spirit Cooking’ dinners, details of which were closely linked to the ‘Pizzagate’ allegations of late 2016. This video stands as a blatant mockery of these events, rubbing the noses of those who have done the research and understand what’s being represented right in it, while going completely over the heads of everybody else, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of ‘likes’ the video has received on Youtube, along with comments along the lines of ‘it’s really cool, lol!’ The video also hints at cannibalism, as a group of chefs roll Perry in flour, then plunge her into a pot of boiling water along with various vegetables.

Was it just pure coincidence, against all the odds, that these artists just happened to employ pizza and ‘spirit cooking’ imagery in their songs and photos? Were they just making independent fashion statements? Or were these appearances all co-ordinated, and intended as a sick mockery of insitutionalised paedophilia, in some way foreshadowing the breaking of the ‘Pizzagate’ scandal in Predictive Programming fashion?

Vigilant Citizen: What Is Happening To Katy Perry?:

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