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Jeremy Kyle; putting his foot in it

By Barb Lambourn | 08 February 2018


As he once said on his cult, eponoymous show, “In life the truth will always come out.” Was this a confession?

Like him, rate him or hate him, British talk show king Jeremy Kyle always bemoans the fact he hasn’t yet picked up any awards for his sometimes controversial chat show. Recently, however - picked up on by some gossip columns - his efforts got somewhat dubiously recognised in a poll lifted from an online foot fetish site. Old Jezza won a poll award when voters obviously recognised - or at least suspected - that he has a foot fetish. Cue flashback clips of him making references about shoe sizes and shoes, etc. Interestingly, no supposedly raunchy R&B/ Hip-Hop videos or artists made the poll, but give Mr Kyle his dues, since battling gambling, serious illness and divorce, he has discovered a fresh zest for life through his show; he’s a verbal straight-shooter who speaks what others are truthfully thinking, and his profile grows from strength to strength.

The ‘notorious’ clip which saw him win this online survey, came from the very same show edition that featured the infamous ‘Mayo Melissa.’ But it was the next set of guests, a trio of ‘twentysomethings,’ who set the tone for Jel Boy to be a winner, when one of the girls confessed that her ex-boyfriend always refuses to take off his shoes, (which he denied.) Cue Jeremy Kyle setting the scene by casually removing his own shoes in a rather ‘latent seduction’ way, and urging the younger man to do the same in a rather aggressive, almost predatory way. It came across like a scene from a hip-hop skit gone wrong, but somehow has been voted the “Sexiest Foot Moment of 2017.” I’m quite surprised that he didn’t call over ‘Big Steve’ to take off his shoes when the guest refused to do just that. But then the original story would’ve gone way way off topic!
Kyle actually made this particular online poll twice, when last year he (successfully) got another male guest to remove his shoes and socks to check for suspected drugs.
None of these, take note, have won him that much needed NTA award, though.

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