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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>

Hoof to the Head

Children In Need

By Chunky Mark | 12 November 2012
Published in: Hoof to the Head
Chunky Mark's often spouting controversial subject matter, but in the wake of Jimmy Savile turning out to be a vile paedophile, preying on children whilst working for the British Broadcasting Company, Mark seems somewhat perturbed at Aunty Beeb's effrontery to keep wheeling out Pudsey and punting their Children In Need:… Continue>

Black History Month

By Akilah | 02 October 2012
Published in: Hoof to the Head
So, October is Black History Month in the UK (it's February in the US).Morgan Freeman has made his views clear as have a few others: Why celebrate Black History for just a month? Why isn't it just part of human history? As Morgan says "When's white history month? When's Jewish… Continue>

Kate Middleton is important!

By The Artist Taxi Driver | 17 September 2012
Published in: Hoof to the Head
"Kate will make you a better person. She's worth it. You're not." Continue>

The Hillsborough Conspiracy

By The Artist Taxi Driver | 13 September 2012
Published in: Hoof to the Head
The Hillsborough conspiracy. The Hillsborough disaster cover-up. 96 people died and hundreds upon hundreds were injured.Who's to blame? Well, it only took some 23 years for the truth to come out. The police and the media had all previously blamed the fans, but, surprise surprise, it was a massive cover… Continue>

Prince Harry: what a tool

By Chunky Mark | 22 August 2012
Published in: Hoof to the Head
So, as his granddad lays on his sickbed, Prince Harry has been snapped with his royal todger out in Las Vegas. Continue>


By Chunky Mark | 27 July 2012
Published in: Hoof to the Head
The day of the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony has arrived. Kids have cheered on Ronald McDonald carrying the Olympic Torch; all the naysayers concerns about cost, sponsorship, commuting commotion and security have been cast aside. Let the enforced jollity, flag waving and consumption begin, right ChunkyMark? Continue>

Stephen Fry

By Chunky Mark | 16 July 2012
Published in: Hoof to the Head
He's a national treasure, isn't he? He'd never sell his soul to the devils of corporate poisoning and consumerist corruption, would he?Chunky Mark discusses Continue>

Ed and Dave uber bum chums:

By Chunky Mark | 22 June 2012
Published in: Hoof to the Head
So, Ed Millipants has been on the news slagging of David Cammerface and holding it down for the people and the workers, hasn't he? Well, hasn't he? Does he care? Does he really care about anyone or anything other than lining his own pockets and buttering his own muffin? Continue>


By Chunky Mark | 12 June 2012
Published in: Hoof to the Head
Chuck Brown once sang "We need some money. Talking about, talking about, talking about Money, yo!"Do we? Do we really? Chunky Mark elucidates and educates, once again:  Continue>

The London Olympics - enjoy the games!

By Nobby Lamb | 27 May 2012
Published in: Hoof to the Head
I’m not sure when the Olympics is - somewhere around the end of July if I’m not mistaken. The thing is, I don’t care about it. Ever since we won the damn thing, I’ve realised what an expensive poisoned chalice this whole affair is. We’ve been paying since 2005, according… Continue>
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