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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>

Hoof to the Head

Media and the Riots on the Hoof!

By Nobby Lamb | 12 August 2011
Published in: Hoof to the Head
Survey a lot of the mainstream media about the recent UK riots and you get the same old trotted-out clichés about moral panics, wanton greed, lust, and ... here we go ... even the finger of blame being pointed at rap music, films and video games for 'the moral decay… Continue>

Jason Derülo and Capital Radio

By Shee. P. Shagsbottom | 22 June 2011
Published in: Hoof to the Head
Just when you thought contemporary R&B couldn't get any worse, along schleps Jason Derülo with his penciled goatee, budget Thriller Jacko jacket and drunken uncle at wedding dancing to Usher fuckstep. Continue>

Barack Obama - A Lie Too Far

By Shaun Shearer | 09 May 2011
Published in: Hoof to the Head
OK. Real talk. It's time for us all to grow up, be mature, and face the reality that's staring us dead in the face. Barack Obama is a lying, deceiving, corrupt, narcissistic fraud, and it's time people stopped using his colour as a means of defence. I couldn't care less… Continue>

'Super' Producer Solar: One Year On

By Ewen Ramsbottom | 20 April 2011
Published in: Hoof to the Head
So, it's one year to the day since the tragic passing of Guru, an MC so beloved of the underground hip-hop community. There are still so many unanswered questions about the circumstances surrounding his death, but one question stands tall above them all - how the fuck is 'Super' 'Producer'… Continue>

Chris Brown

By Sheepish Sharon | 23 March 2011
Published in: Hoof to the Head
Dear Chris, Okay – you twatted Rihanna – (which has murdered your little career) – but I can put that in the past for the time being, simply out of good will.  But, why oh why, must we keep having to endure your chipmunk face with your constant attempts at… Continue>

Dr. Dre: Old and sold

By Shaun Shearer | 17 February 2011
Published in: Hoof to the Head
Regular Black Sheepers will have noticed a clear pattern when it comes to the subject matter of our Hoofs. It's no accident that it's the very biggest names in the game that make these hallowed pages; Diddy, Kanye,, Akon and Jay-Z have all done the walk of shame in… Continue>

Jay-Z: all strings attached

By Shaun Shearer | 25 January 2011
Published in: Hoof to the Head
OK, nobody is beyond reproach when it comes to a Hoof, and Hova/ Jigga/ S Dot/ whatever you choose to call yourself this week, your time has come. You've had it too good for too long, son, and if Puff can get it in the face for being a soulless… Continue>


By Sheepish Sharon | 18 January 2011
Published in: Hoof to the Head
Hats off to Ricky Gervais, who made a complete mockery of almost every Hollywood star sat in the audience at the Golden Globes. Had that been in the UK though, the roars of laughter would have been endless. Instead, obviously lighthearted insults were greeted by muffled laughter and stern plastic… Continue>

George W Bush. Nice man

By Shaun Shearer | 09 November 2010
Published in: Hoof to the Head
His biog will tell you that the 'W' stands for Walker. Many would suggest that's a spelling mistake. My suggestion would be George C Bush. During the Hurricane Katrina disaster of 2005 and the Bush administration's patent dis-interest in offering aid, Kanye West hit the headlines by commenting on a… Continue>

Tony Bliar. Anyone seen his soul?

By Dale Grazer | 13 September 2010
Published in: Hoof to the Head
Maybe it’s his smug, white-toothed grin? Maybe it’s his lack of contrition regarding the dead soldiers and dead civilians in Iraq? Maybe it’s the phony war he sent thousands of soldiers to fight, and which the British public, numbering a million, marched against? Maybe, whist he was the most successful… Continue>
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