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Sean Platt-Seger: Bringing it back

By Felix Mensah | 29 October 2016

Doing just that is Illinois native Sean Platt-Seger . The super-talented singer-songwriter has unleashed an ultra-soulful EP to showcase what is to come and in his first interview with Blacksheep Magazine , he happily reveals his potential  ‘blue blood’, his future plans in helping to develop other artists , wanting to work with British singer-songwriter Joe Miles and his fascination for …… Northampton!

Would you please like to introduce yourself to the readership of Blacksheep magazine?

I am an Irish, Black, & Native American R&B singer-songwriter who has an EP ready and out there

Would you care to tell us about your  EP, "Bring It Back"?

The Bring It Back EP is a demonstration of RnB Soul music. I wanted to bring back a little bit of that 90s feel good music. I think that everyone misses that time period of music and certainly feel that's where i belong.

You have re-invented yourself as a solo R&B/hip-hop artist, you previously started your musical life in a soft rock band called "The OutLook." – any difference in your personal opinion in regards to being in a group or being a solo act?

Being in a group takes ALOT of work. Everyone has to be on the same page. The hunger, the ambition, dedication, and faith in each others musical abilities. When practice comes everyone HAS to be there. Practice becomes an essential element to a successful band & it's relationship. As a solo artist i know i am accountable for myself and my actions and can focus on what i havent to do rather than everyone else. Although it becomes just as stressful at times when it comes to handling all the business.

You also have done modelling and undertaken acting lessons – is acting going to be another string to the bow?

Yes! I would love to do both! I've always wanted to star in a crazy action movie! Coming out of the fire and explosions. I think it would be pretty cool!

You are also focused on the songwriting element – Is that an avenue you’d like to pursue as time progresses?

I love writing, that's something i've done as a child. It calms me down..I write about what i see, what i feel, and hear. I'd love to write for other artist as well. It's more of a passion.

It has been a year since you started your Real Music Entertainment (R.M.E) – is this part of the progression plan for your music/acting ambitions?

Real Music Entertainment is a record label i am working on establishing in the near future. To further more represent artists as individuals, as well as help them develop their talents

It is understood that you have taken a shine to a certain English East Midlands University town due to the fact it is reportedly the first town in England to give you turntable action – so much so you have become fascinated… to explain further?

Yes! Yes! Much love to Northampton especially to Mattyboy and Hels Bels and also to London too. InspirationFM107.8 and Ash Selector's Solar Radio for giving me the opportunity to have my first breakthrough in the United Kingdom. As of now i am studying the heritage, traditions, & history of Northampton in hopes of one day soon coming out to visit, meet everyone, & maybe do a show in the theatre? Who knows! All i know is that i'm very very thankful to have such an opportunity. It's a blessing.

So are we talking possibly about ‘An American In Northampton’ in the future?

Here’s hoping!

It is said that you have some ‘Royal connections’?

My full name is Sean Patrick Platt-Seger, I am mostly Irish, African-American, & Native American. Recently discovered that i have a high chance to be related to King Henry the 8th.

Any plans to take yourself touring on a grand global scale?

In the future I do plan to take touring upon a global scale. At the moment, i'd like to focus on my craft, better my abilities and writing skills.

If there was ever a presented opportunity to collaborate or tour - who would hold your interest enough for you to request that opportunity for them to collaborate with or to be your or their support act?

I believe the British singer-songwriter Joe Miles and I would make a great collaboration together. I think our voices would bring a song to life. As well as be a great opportunity to show an U.K artist and American Artist working together!

The EP “Bring It Back” is currently available

Any further information on Sean Platt-Seger - PlattSegerSean (Twitter)
seanplattseger (Snapchat)
seanplattsegerproductions (Instagram)



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