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Straight outta Jozi

By Shaun Shearer | 29 October 2016

Born in Johannesburg, Ross Jack made a name for himself in his home country as a prodigious beat-maker for up & coming hip-hop acts, soon progressing to full producer credits for big names in South Africa including Toya Delazy, HHP, Chiano Sky & Khuli Chana.  In 2012 Ross released his first single titled "Seven45" and officially launched his career as a solo artist. Black Sheep Mag got to know the man some more.

Hi Ross. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I'm Ross Jack, I'm a producer and Artist born in South Africa.

What’s the story behind the new single 'Fall'?

Fall is my dark love song that I wrote after a break-up that hurt me deeper then usual. It was my first song about relationships or love, it's also one of the tracks that I finally found my sound on.

How do you approach writing a song and where do you find your inspiration?

For me it's always write to melody or beats. I feel that way I already can feel the direction and vibe I should be going for. I actually find most of inspiration in others. I love hearing my favourites artists work and being inspired by that  

Your next single features Arrow Benjamin. How did you two meet and come to collaborate together?

I met Arrow while recording in London with Pete, they had worked together before and that's how we connected..

Who else would you most like to collaborate with and why?

At the moment I would kill to collaborate with Chance the Rapper. I just love his vibe and the soul he has in his music. He has a different feel to everybody else in the game right now.

We hear there's a thriving hip-hop scene in South Africa now. Can you tell us some artists we should check out?

Hip-hop is thriving here. Some names to check out include Khuli Chana, Reason, and AkA. They're all pretty dope.

What are your interests outside of performing and making music?

I'm a sport and football fanatic so when I'm not making music I'm watching my team play - Arsenal!  I also find myself enjoying being on the golf course these days. It's like my new drug of choice.

What’s next for Ross Jack?

Hopefully world domination. Otherwise, we would love to go on tour and take the music to the people. And you can always find me in the studio creating.


‘Fall’ is available now.

For more information please visit:

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