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A lady called Alexis

By Felix Mensah | 09 November 2016

Southern belle Alexis Nicole looks set to be a name to look out for in 2017. The Atlanta-based native Virginian is about to unleash her ‘nice introduction’ to the general public in the shape of a ‘visual EP’. In an exclusive interview for Black Sheep Magazine, the basketball-loving artist may surprise you with her revelation of a dream collaboration!

Would you please like to introduce yourself to the readership? 

OK, here goes. Alexis Nicole is a regular girl who loves good food, and is in love with music. I’m a singer / songwriter from Virginia, but Atlanta has been home for about 6 years.

Would you care to tell us about your debut visual EP, "Daybreak"?

Daybreak is a visual album; One continuous sexy, suspenseful, plot that spreads across the entire track list. It’s also a collection of fresh sounds; I think it serves as a nice introduction to Alexis Nicole. I’m really excited to release the project on January 27th next year. 

You are very focused on the visual aspect of your music. do you wish to return to the basic benefits of the promo video in which a tasteful script/concept helps your recognition?

Actually yes! I remember when I used to love to watch music videos. I want to bring back that visual element into music, and give people something to follow, something worth their attention.

You were once offered scholarships for basketball. Was it difficult decision to focus on your talent and love for music as equally your talent and love for the sport?

Not really, injuries made my decision for me. I couldn’t image doing anything else in life; music was the right choice. I do still play ball from time to time at the gym, nothing too serious.

You are also focused on the songwriting element. Is that an avenue you’d like to pursue as time progresses?

Well, I’m a writer first. Whether it’s music, scripts, or poetry I love to create. I’ve been blessed to work with some very dope artist some you know and some you will, but I am definitely going to continue to pursue that avenue.

Any plans to take yourself touring on a grand global scale?

Absolutely, we’re locking in some crazy dates for spring 2017, both International and US. I try to keep all that information up to date on my website and social media so, stay tuned.

If there was ever a presented opportunity to collaborate or tour, who would hold your interest enough for you to request that opportunity for them to collaborate with or to be your or their support act?

Without doubt and in a heartbeat James Arthur. I really love that "Say You Won't Let Go" song, and I just think it would be dope to collaborate with him. I’m a lover all genres of music, but I have a serious thing for guitars.  

Anything you care to add before the interview closes?

Make sure you go check out the single All Night and the video via

Follow Alexis Nicole:

@thealexisnicole (IG)
@thealexisnicole (Twitter)

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