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Kentucky Fly & Kickin'

By Andrew Kay | 09 November 2016
G.F.L are out of the Westside of Louisvile Kentucky, mid-West geographically, but Southern in mentality and outlook. Whatever or wherever, they’re making a name for themselves. Bubbling under the radar, but making music that captures the heart and soul of homeboys and fly girls alike. G.F.L are trying to stay in their own lane, making hip-hop that makes you think, is funky and original, while paying homage to the culture and art form that this group is passionate about. Here’s an interview with B-Boi Maane, who explains the essence behind the group.

What does "G.F.L" stand for and what kind of messages and ideas are you trying to get across in your music?

G.F.L stands for "God family loyalty". We consist of me "B-boi Maaane", "Young bull" "Young Og", Kruizpitchin", and "Henrich" and "Kingdavid." We are trying influence people in a way to show that we are more than just Country. Yea, we’re Country, but everywhere we go people are amazed that we actually wear shoes on our feet! Or that we actually have paved streets in Kentucky! Or people from big cities see our swag and their like "yaw act just like me". The only negative aspect is people automatically perceive us as being slow when it comes to business. We just want people to know that there is a big city in every state that has the title of being Country. We also carry city swag so we blend in well; we can be simple or complicated. We've blended in more cities then we ever would small towns. Cities like Miami love G.F.L! We just want music to get back in the place it once was.  It actually takes thought to write a song. A lot of people that have a deal now wouldn't have it if this was the early 2000s. We want to bring substance by representing a smooth Country style of lyrics.

What makes you and G.F.L different from other rap crews out there?

I have my on lane in music I've created a sound for us in Kentucky. I basically took our language and made it into a swagger that's proven to be very catchy and different. "The formula" we mumble here in Kentucky, meaning we can take a sentence and make it into one word. I'm sure you know people like that? Well my sound has melody as well. I figured out a way to express that sound in music. It took a lot of courage creating my own lane in an industry that has so many clones. It's so crazy a lot of artists fail to have their own identity. Every hood here has its own slang and G.F.L represents that with all our sounds and styles. We are different in a lot of ways, one of which we sound like us instead of basing our sound around Auto Tunes- It's a city-styled twang.

How much is being from Kentucky an influence on your music and what themes you chose to rap about?

Kentucky is huge influence, I mean you seen “The First 48” (a documentary series about real-life detectives only having 48 hours to investigate a homicide, as after the initial 48 hours, it becomes half less likely the murder will be solved.) it makes you humble about everything. Everything I speak about has relativity to my life. People listen to our music question us; they always say "cause we speak truth”- so who did that or when did that happen or what girl are you talking about in that song? We speak on relationships, loss, gains, motivation, strategy, the list go on and on. We bring substance back to the game. We basically introduce the world to our experiences. We get cats questioning us like “damn they really go through that in Kentucky?” Or do they really ride like that or have that type of jewelry?” There so much history here that gives us all the influences we need with our music.

Which are you greatest influences, favourite artists and albums in hip-hop?

The artist that influence's me the most are Young jeezy, Rick Ross, lil Boosie (whom I just recently did a song with), Yo Gotti and Kevin Gates, also DJ Khalid. I love passion in music. Creativity is important to me. To me, it's how you keep it real with your fans by keeping them entertained. My favorite albums are Young Jeezy’s "Trap or Die", Rick Ross second and third album, Yo Gotti first album and Lil Boosie first album “hit home”, plus I respect Gotti’s and Boosie’s work ethic.

Who currently, musically or otherwise, influences you?

Lil Boosie and Rick Ross and Jeezy are on my iPod right now. When they hit the studio they come to work.

I noticed you don't have women in very little clothing in your videos; what's the decision behind not doing the usual kind of cliche rap video?

Right now it's all about Kentucky and the fact that we define where we from.  Half-dressed women? That's not what we see when we come outside. I'm from the West Side of Louisville- nothing but crime and violence.  Let’s dare to step out the box and be successful doing “us.” Make the world fall in love with us, not the women in our video. Then we can give them that.

What's your take on illegal downloading?

I think the industry is in a horrible place behind illegally downloading music. The money made today is nothing compared to the money that use to be made in music. They treat going Gold now days like you went platinum. 250,000 records sold use to get you dropped from a label- now you good. The game has lost a lot of quality- everyone using and abusing auto tunes.

The music business is 10pc music, 90pc business- true or false, and why?

True, people think getting in the business is all about making a hot song. You have to have a great team around you that believes in you and your music. You have to have your paperwork right from song registration to everything else. Music is the easy part. The bad part about being from Kentucky- everyone out of here expects you to be slow.

Who would you like to collaborate on a track with in the future?

I would like to do a song with Rick Ross, Jeezy, or Yo Gotti next.

Can music change lives?

Music can change lives and help you deal with what life throws your way. As artist we show you through our music we go through the same things everyone else goes through. Teaching you better ways to make it through adversity. Realizing our as fans are not alone. Substance is so important in music for so many reasons.

I don't know any other Kentucky-based rap crews. Who are your greatest rivals, who do you look up to in the Game at the moment?

We have a lot of rap crews in Kentucky, but I wouldn't call them rivals. I don't compete; right now we’re fighting to be acknowledged by the World, so it's taking a group effort by us all; a mass movement. We have labels called Team Paychecks (T.P.C) and Family power respect (F.P.R). Other labels called B.W.E and Richlyfe Another label is called Shark Living Ent. Our promoters work hard too-shout out to i65nation, they make it possible for us to open up for artist by keeping them in our city.

All or Nothing- G.F.L:

The League- G.F.L:

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