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Hans Prya: The lowdown

By Felix Mensah | 28 July 2017

After an impressive turn at the recent star-studded annual Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul Festival in Birmingham, multi-member genre fusion collective Hans Prya, have taken time out of their busy schedule to talk to Black Sheep Magazine.

Would you like to introduce yourselves to the readership of Black Sheep Magazine?

Hans Prya are mainly a 9 piece genre-hopping band, formed back in 2014.

What are the roots of Hans Prya and how it all came to be?

16 musicians from all over the UK applied for a 7-day residential with 3 members of the 3 time Grammy winning band Snarky Puppy, namely Michael League, Bill Laurence and Robert ‘Sput' Searight to undergo a workshop working with other musicians to write original pieces of music. Within that week AJ (bassist) asked the group about remaining as a band after.

What is your life like as a musician?

We all have very busy life’s in and outside of music, busy doing recording writing and some of us teaching.

You have so far reportedly acquired 30,000 plus plays due to the pioneering 4-part live video technique which is considered an achievement for an independent artist(s.) How does that feel?

Its always great to know others are enjoying our music, yes we enjoy it but we strongly believe that our music isn’t just for us but all lovers of music. But definitely building a fanbase is definitely what we aim to do.

Your recent performance at the annual Mostly Jazz festival is reputedly your biggest performance to date -any particular personal  highlights from that?

As a whole i think we would say its always great to play at many festival not only to play our music but to hear other great musicians

Are there any wisdoms you’ve been picking up in the journey of the ever-changing music business?

The music industry is evolving so it’s always about trying to stay in touch with the current trends to reach a design audience

What are your hopes for your music in the future?

Touring and recording albums is always the plan with the hope that more people will enjoy our music people we wouldn't meet in our everyday life, which in turn keeps us humble and keep of growing as people and musicians

Can we talk about your musical tastes?

Yeah Sure, as a band we enjoy the same type of music as each other however some of us are more into i.e jazz more than others for example.

What do you hope people get from your music? What do you hope they take away?

I think we just hope that people get the vibe that we bring really, because from the stage you can see we really enjoy playing our own music. As for taking away i think wanting to hear more from us as they understand the music and vibe

You’re independent artists. Is that an important or a choice thing for you?

I wouldn’t say a choice more a case of where we are at the moment, the decision to stay unsigned or to join a label would be solely made on musical basis not business.

If there was ever a presented opportunity to collaborate or tour with anybody - whom would be interesting enough for you to undertake such tasks?

We think it would be really cool to work and tour with Snarky Puppy, but i think thats based on us all being friends and it started with them. But on a whole i think most jazz/funk guys we would love to work with, but again i dont think theres many people we would say no to.

Further information regarding Hans Prya:

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