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IIDimensionz - a Closer revival

By Ewen Ramsbottom | 02 August 2017
Black Sheep Mag gets to know the duo IIDimensionz.

Hi guys. Please introduce yourselves to our readers:

Nathan: Hi readers. My name is Nathan Williams

Jermaine: I’m Jermaine Williams

Nathan: And together we’re IIDimensionz

What’s the story behind the new single?

Nathan: The story behind the single is about a relationship I was in a few years ago. We never actually fell in love but we had our fair share of fantasy moments; whether it was late night walks, exploring… We just made one another generally happy

What do you think Rosie Gaines would make of the track?

Jermaine: I think Rosie Gaines would enjoy Closer, if she does listen to it. We’re big fans of Rosie from our teenage years so implementing her old school garage and RnB sound fits perfectly with the style of music we wish to create

Nathan: Yeah, I think Rosie Gaines would be proud, inspired and excited to hear what we’ve done as our interpretation of the song and how we’ve utilised melodic elements of her record. So if you’re reading this Rosie, shout us! We’d love to jam on a track with you! *Laughs*

How do you approach writing a song and where do you find your inspiration?

Nathan: In my personal opinion, everything we write comes from personal experiences. Truth is, we believe in putting out music inspired by experiences; whether that be painful experiences, a loving experience or even a moment we may never forget

Jermaine: We tend to sit in the studio and discuss how the music makes us feel. Once we feel as though we have a story to tell, we go straight into writing the lyrics and melody.

Nathan: Yeah, we like to listen to old school artists like Michael Jackson or Luther Vandross and look at how they pieced their lyrics together to tell a story. And that’s what we hope to achieve every time we sit down to write a song

How did you come to work with Mark Asari and Nick Brewer?

Nathan: Well I knew Mark from playing as a drummer for a gospel group called G Force and he was their backing singer at the time. Nick we knew through the church/gospel circuit. But we actually went to the same secondary school as well. Big up St Edwards! *Laughs*

Jermaine: Yeah, Nathan suggested Mark when we were thinking of a singer who would suit the track. And as Nathan mentioned, Nick went to our secondary school and was also involved with music, so they just seemed like the perfect artists to collaborate with on this track

You have different vocalists on your tracks. Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

Jermaine: I think I’d have to say Pharrell Williams. He has an amazing voice. He’s also very versatile as a writer/producer so he could work well with an old school vibe whilst still bringing his own RnB flavour

Nathan: I would love to work with either Stevie Wonder, Charlie Wilson or Justin Timberlake. It’s because they bring that Motown, funk, soul vibe that I love. Whether that’s vocally, musically or even their energy levels. That’s the era of inspiration that we come from so we relate to and gravitate towards that the most

What are your interests outside of performing and making music?

Nathan: Well, we both actually enjoy working out so we go to the gym often. Great health is very important. Spending time with family is always fun. I love going to watch a good movie – mainly action movies. I watched War of the Planet of the Apes recently and that was amazing! I’m going to watch it for a second time in cinema! And theme parks as well, that’s always a fun time

Jermaine: Yeah, catching up with friends and family is important. I enjoy bowling and the cinema also. And visiting and exploring different hang out spots is always interesting too. I like experiencing new things and new places, things I don’t get to see on an everyday basis

What’s your favourite album of all time?

Jermaine: I would have to say SWV – It’s About Time. SWV are one of my favourite artists. They have great voices and amazing melodies. I’ve learnt a lot from them when it comes to creating music myself. The whole album tells an amazing story from start to finish. I grew up listening to this album as it was always playing at my aunt’s house

Nathan: Michael Jackson – Off The Wall. It’s timeless and it’s an album I listened to growing up. It’s just a classic. It’s a perfect example of the type of music we want to create and bring back for this generation to listen to and experience in the same way that we did

And the last album you bought?

Nathan: Erm… The last album I bought was Drake’s ‘More Life’
Jermaine: Calvin Harris’ album called ‘Funk Waves’. I liked the mix of different sounds; the live instruments with the electric sounds to create a groove

Finally, what’s next for IIDimensionz?

Nathan: Well, next is the continuation of promoting our first single ‘Closer’; which is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, and various other major music platforms. The 3 remixes to the single are also available to stream, purchase and download.

Jermaine: We do have other things in the pipeline, such as an EP that we aim to release very soon and just writing and producing a lot for our first album that we really want to release early next year. But as Nathan mentioned, yeah, our main focus right now is to just promote this record to the fullest.

Twitter - @Twodimensionz
Instagram – 2Dimensionz

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