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Born To Sing

By Charles Waring | 04 June 2009
Published in: Interviews
For many people, Mica Paris is a sassy, outspoken TV makeover queen - but to music aficionados with long memories, she's possesses one of the finest soul voices in the UK. After a four-year sabbatical she's back with a new album, ‘Born Again,' which, as she tells Black Sheep's Charles Waring, signals… Continue>

A Song For All Occasions

By David Craig | 03 June 2009
Published in: Interviews
Casual followers of hip-hop could be forgiven for not being familiar with Classified. But he's by no means a newcomer to the game, having started out independently in Canada way back in ‘95. Ten albums later in a classic success story of hard work and perseverance, he's been signed to… Continue>

Royce Rolls

By David Craig | 02 June 2009
Published in: Interviews
Some events are so significant you can never forget where you were when they happened. The same goes for tunes, and so it was for many a hip-hop head with ‘Boom', the track that defines Royce Da 5'9,. Royce's own take on that monster track is that it presents a… Continue>

Wall of Fame

By Andrew Kay | 20 May 2009
Published in: Interviews
Houston-based rapper Paul Wall isn't too well known in the U.K. But that's all set to change with the release of his third album, ‘Fast Life', which, in his own words, "is themed around the life of a go-getter". Continue>

Grand Masters

By Ryan Proctor | 20 May 2009
Published in: Interviews
Having already achieved independent success with projects such as 2005's 'Street Scriptures' and the fourth instalment of the critically-acclaimed 'Jazzmatazz' series, former Gang Starr front-man Guru and his production partner Solar return with 'Lost & Found', a project grounded in the heritage of true hip-hop which also finds the duo… Continue>

Independence is an Advantage

By Marsha Gosho Oakes | 14 May 2009
Published in: Interviews
Late 2008 saw the release of an impeccably-produced R&B/soul album which could quite possibly be classed as the sexiest soul album unleashed in recent years - The Beauty Created. You may well not have heard of it, or the artist behind it - Jesse Boykins III - due to its… Continue>

Shaun Boothe: Hip-hop's Historian

By Mark Devlin | 13 May 2009
Published in: Interviews
Canadian rapper Shaun Boothe has chosen a novel way of making an impact and standing out from the crowd. Inspired by Nas' ‘The Unauthorized Biography of Rakim', his own ‘Unauthorized' series consists of twelve tracks, unleashed at a rate of one a month, each supported by a cut-and-paste Youtube video,… Continue>


By Marsha Gosho Oakes | 06 May 2009
Published in: Interviews
Despite describing The Way I See It as "probably some of the best material I've ever toured with," one gets the feeling Raphael Saadiq is still waiting for the peak in response to his latest album. Continue>

Back To Basics

By Stretch Taylor | 06 May 2009
Published in: Interviews
After a three year hiatus Eric Benet is back with 'Love & Life', his stunning fourth album that is every bit as good as his critically acclaimed 'Day In The Life' set. Often given bad press and sometimes wrongly so, Eric's life hasn't been an easy journey since the tragic… Continue>

Doing It Again

By Charles Waring | 06 May 2009
Published in: Interviews
After a four-year hiatus, the young Californian songstress gets back into the groove with ‘Let's Do It Again,' an excellent new album that pays homage to the vintage soul sounds of yesteryear. Charles Waring listens appreciatively. On first hearing Leela James' raw, raspy, and extremely powerful gospel-infused voice, some listeners… Continue>
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