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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>


Britain’s original songbird flies back.

By Felix Mensah | 26 November 2013
Published in: Interviews
East London native Linda Lewis is back! – Britain’s premier female singer-songwriter/musician shot to ‘serious pop’ fame  in the sultry Summer of ’73 with the innovative ‘Rock-A-Doodle-Doo’ which fused elements of  jazz / folk / soft rock and soul with pop resulting in her biggest hit in terms of chart… Continue>

The new ‘Queen Of Clubs’ 

By Felix Mensah | 07 October 2013
Published in: Interviews
As dance music finds itself returning slowly but surely to it’s soulful R&B origins, the current British ‘Queen Of Clubs’with a background in dramatics and a gospel choir, is Midlands native Beth Sherburn who is part of that mission of returning the dance back to it’s soul. Continue>

KC Da Rookee

By Shaun Shearer | 27 September 2013
Published in: Interviews
Black Sheep mag catches up with Nottingham MC KC Da Rookee to talk about life, love, music, and anything else that crops up in between. Continue>

The Evergreen and Everlasting Mr Ellis

By Felix Mensah | 12 September 2013
Published in: Interviews
The charts this year celebrated the 45th anniversary of the debut of the original poster boy of blue-eyed soul, Steve Ellis as the frontman to the soul-inflected 'boy band' The Love Affair. In an exclusive Black Sheep mag interview, the original Brit blue eyed soul prince talks in depth about those crazy,… Continue>

Ruth Koleva - keeping Bulgaria soulful

By Felicia Lamb | 11 August 2013
Published in: Interviews
Influenced by the likes of Jill Scott, D’angelo, Miles Davis, A Tribe Called Quest, 4 Hero, Floetry and Róisín Murphy, Ruth Koleva has quickly become an ambassador for the best of Bulgaria. The youngest recipient of GRAZIA's ‘Woman of the Year’ award (she’s also global ambassador of ELLE’s ‘Think Green… Continue>

Westwood: The end of Dancefloor Justice

By Andrew Kay | 01 August 2013
Published in: Interviews
Over the weekend, Twitter and other social media water coolers discussed the sacking of Tim Westwood from Radio 1 like rabid ants. Many of the comments were from Tim's meat and potato audience who have grown up with him since the 2000s, when ancient phone boxes were not the preferred form… Continue>

David Veale - Wide awake in a dream!

By Felix Mensah | 01 July 2013
Published in: Interviews
The current crown prince of the cult fanbase, is awake and ready to go and share his ‘Impossible Dream’. R&B/ Hip-Hop artist /songwriter David Veale is back and looks as if he is here to stay. In an exclusive interview for Black Sheep Magazine, the West Country native tells all… Continue>

Wigan Casino - a 40-year celebration

By Pete McKenna | 25 June 2013
Published in: Interviews
This coming September sees one of the greatest and most iconic British dance venues celebrate it's 40th anniversary. For eight solid years its doors opened to a wide range of clientele whatever ethnicity, whetever orientation. It was truly the British take of ''One Nation Under A Groove''. And to think it… Continue>

Tyler N' Stevie: The new dynamic duo

By Felix Mensah | 27 May 2013
Published in: Interviews
All the way from the cosmopolitan American state of New Jersey are the duo Tyler N' Stevie. Jampacked with a strong history and a drama school background, the latest dynamic duo in music are set to go colossal with their unique blend of soul and hip-hop with a rock edge. They also… Continue>

Marcell Russell: the serenade and the sermon

By Jay Prevost | 07 May 2013
Published in: Interviews
This Baltimore native continues to distinguish himself as a writer, producer, singer and performer. Having penned over 700 songs in an eight-year period, being nominated for over 20 independent music awards and winning several of those coveted titles is impressive! Marcell has even shared the cover of a European magazine… Continue>
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