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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>


DJ Krush at London's Forum, on 1st February

By Andrew Kay | 26 January 2013
Published in: Interviews
The DJ has always been at the forefront of taking music to higher levels, especially in the dance, electronic and hip-hop spheres. From the block parties of the South Bronx to the turntablism of DJ’s like Q-bert to the DJs being their own showman, showcasing talents of turning turntables into… Continue>

Honeyboy Carencro: The Blues lives on

By Felix Mensah | 24 December 2012
Published in: Interviews
America's latest soul and blues specialist with a very distinctive stage name, hails from one of the many homes from American soul music, New Orleans. Honeyboy Carencro tells all to Black Sheep about his passion for the British-centred Northern Soul culture, his plans to tour Britain, his career ambitions and… Continue>


By Charles Waring | 13 November 2012
Published in: Interviews
Wearing a military tin helmet on stage is certainly eye-catching but it's not intended as a cheap, attention-grabbing gimmick for soul man on a mission, Cody Chesnutt. Rather, it's a potent visual symbol that represents humankind's struggle for survival in a hostile world. "I'm a very visual artist," explains the… Continue>

Madonna's 'Sex' and 'Erotica'; cultural impact 20 years on

By Felix Mensah | 09 November 2012
Published in: Interviews
It is already the 20th anniversary of the release of the 5th studio album of Madonna titled ‘Erotica’ as well as the release of a controversial and groundbreaking book simply titled ‘Sex’. Some segments of the staunchest of black music followers at that time lauded anything that Madonna had turned… Continue>

Flying Lotus live in London on 16th November

By Andrew Kay | 09 November 2012
Published in: Interviews
After the sell-out show of the rare live performance of MF Doom, Soundcrash have organised another exclusive: a live show on 16th November by Flying Lotus at London's Troxy. Continue>

Aaron James Cashell: Artful's latest dodger

By Nobby Lamb | 05 November 2012
Published in: Interviews
Remember Rewind?  Moving Too Fast? How about Please Don't Turn Me On?  These were the signature tunes of UK garage don Mark Hill, aka Artful Dodger. Now, in 2012, he's back with some brand new music. He's also introducing us to the fresh new talent of Aaron James Cashell. Black… Continue>

Inside the mind of Seb Stone

By Nobby Lamb | 01 November 2012
Published in: Interviews
Hi, I'm a self taught producer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from West London and will be releasing my new EP 'Ordinary You' on the 13th of November! Continue>
The elusive, but gifted hip-hop producer and buttery-flow rapper MF Doom comes to the Village Underground to spit rhymes and re-create much of the new colabo project, 'Key to the Kuffs', which is making noise on both the underground and mainstream urban music levels. With the mysterious and madcap Doom… Continue>

The Elgins: Heaven Sent

By Felix Mensah | 15 October 2012
Published in: Interviews
Completing their current nationwide tour, Motown legends The Elgins devote a minute of their busy schedule to answer a few questions. Frontlady Yvonne Vernee-Allen steps forward for the task. Continue>

Jamie Stimpson & Mister Vee: MK's finest

By Felix Mensah | 11 October 2012
Published in: Interviews
Coming all the way from sunny Milton Keynes are the super talented duo of vocalist Jamie Stimpson and producer Mister Vee. The seeds of stardom are sewn ... but superstardom and the possibility of global domination is just footsteps away. Continue>
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