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Fresh droppings

By Ewen Ramsbottom | 30 September 2010
Word up, real news fangeeta’s. What’s good? I can’t answer that question myself, but, I can enlighten you as to what one might consider bad. First up: it’s been in the news that fellow pictures of health, Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty, are to get a house together. It seems Ms Winehouse’s knack for landing herself permanently perforated acquaintances continues. The clean living couple hope to move into Casa Scag Skank before the new year.


In other news, Kim Kardashian has announced she’d “like to get into acting properly.” This comes as a great shock to this reporter's hands, (mainly the right one.) Learning that she might’ve actually been faking things during her wonderful home video collection is nut-busting. 

It seems that G-Unit’s very own Craig David wannabe, Lloyd Banks, has revealed that Ashanti, his former foe, warned him of the Murder Inc camp rivalry. Pink pistols at ten paces? Check out G-Unit’s new video and cover of the Village People’s classics, Y.M.C.A and In the Navy [see picture evidence] soon.

KanYeeze has confessed he’s: “Still in a lotta pain.” It’s not clear whether this is down to him possibly being involved in Murder Inc’s camp rivalry or after hearing his 808’s & Heartbreak album. Maybe it’s due to the tightness of his denim wear.  

By-the-by, Mr. West is set for a return to hip-hop after his feeble fumbling around with Daft dance post Punk. Perhaps, if he wants to get back into rapping, but keep the ‘90s influence, he might start liberally borrowing from 2Unlimited or the serious-as-cancer lyricist, Snap’s Turbo B. Or was it Chill Rob G?

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