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Treble T  

Job Title: DJ, Broadcaster & Promoter

Company: Rampage

By Joanna Chaundy | 22 July 2009

First job within the music industry - and how you got it?
My first job in the music was in a recording studio as a tape op (dog's body) I used to record mad guitar bands and indie groups and taught myself how to use everything for about four years. I made a lot of contacts and a lot of records that never got released! I got this job by getting into an argument with a world famous drummer about recording on tape! He also owned the studio!!

How did you work your way up to being a DJ/Presenter on 1Xtra?
I started the way a lot of DJs do -  by doing any kind of gig I could get. Birthday parties, house parties, wine bars, basically anywhere that would have me. Average wage £25 and that was a good night! As well as that, I was on a couple of pirate stations (until they got raided and I lost 3 crates of records). After a couple of test shows on Kiss 100 we got onto BBC London and stayed there for 6 years. That prompted 1Xtra to hire us, as the show we were doing for BBC London was very close to the format for the whole station!

Highest point of your career?
I've had so many! Maybe Wyclef's birthday party in Miami or Sean Paul wrecking the stage at carnival. Or it could be DJing on Kanye West' or Jay-Z's tour. Live shows from the Trinidad carnival or Football reports from The Africa cup of nations in Ghana. There are just too many to mention.

Favourite artist you've interviewed and why?
Sisqo from Dru hill because it was less like an interview and more like the whole day. He wanted to fly us to Miami for the Thong Song video shoot but his manager said no. Now that would have been a result!

Most stressful part of your job?
Never getting enough sleep and people thinking you playing their tunes will make them famous!

Best part of your job?
Listening to music for a living. I cant really think of any better way of getting paid

Funniest thing that has happened to you whilst Dj'ing or working at 1Xtra?
Having to hide in cages at a gig in Belfast because the women were actually trying to tear my clothes off and grab my privates. Madness

What would your advice be to anyone wanting to become a DJ or work within radio presenting?
Determination,staying power,patience and of course the skills needed to do the job in hand like being able to read. You would be surprised!

Dish some dirt on Mike Anthony ...
I've been carrying him and his career for years and told the BBC that I want to do a show with Trevor Nelson.
They said no.........

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