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Cookie Pryce 

Job Title: Marketing & PR/Management-ID MD

Company: Fortune Cookie

By Richard Bamford | 16 March 2010
First job within the industry - and how you got it?
I've pretty much been in the industry since my early teens, firstly as an artist. My first taste of an inside industry job outside of the Cookie Crew I was doing alot of temping jobs at various labels before landing a full-time gig with MCA/Universal where I worked in the press department then moved into club promotions. This was back in 1996, and after a few years they went through changes and I bounced back into my independent/freelance/consultant world which was great!

After my tenor at Universal I was scooped up by Vivian Scott-Chew of Timezone Int'l ( who I knew from 1988 when Cookie Crew were signed to Polygram worldwide and she was the lady who looked after us when we were in NY doing promo back in the day.
We actually crossed paths again on my final week at Universal when she came to London as the Int'l rep for an artist called A+. When she returned back to NY we kept in touch and one day she called me and said 'Cookie, why don't you just pack your bags and come and work with me'. I was like 'hell yeah' and within a month I was off! It was an easy transition for me cos i've spent alot of time in NY over the years with work and family connections so it was like home from home.

How did you work your way up to where you are?
I worked my way up by working hard and staying focussed on what I wanted out to of the industry and what paths my history had laid out for me. I also didn't limited myself to what area's or department I would work in, my goal was always to master and conquer. 20+ years in this industry.....don't let me have to jog your memory.

What has been the highest point of your career?
ALL - particularly 7 nights performing at Wembley Arena supporting Bobby Brown. Touring with the likes of Public Enemy, EPMD, Guy and blessed the stage with many others including the cream of UK artists back then who were representin' lovely.

Actually one of the highest points of all was in 1993 we went to Africa to work with children and Orphans who were suffering with HIV/AIDS and those who had already lost family. It was a very overwhelming trip. We spent 3 weeks travelling around Uganda doing rap workshops in all the villages. We covered Kampala, Entebbe, Kisumu and Nairobi. We did workshops everyday for 3 weeks as well as conferences and shows where we involved all the children. The tour was called 'Rap It Out' where we'd encouraged the children to express themselves through writing it and rapping it at our show.
Everyday we were supppose to have a class of 30 and everyday up to 300 kids would turn up and we'd insist they were all let in. We gave them the history of rap and showed slides, we also bought DJs out with us (Big Ted and DJ Biznizz) and they'd hold dj-ing workshops. Incredible, absolutely incredible...............We came back to the UK with different views on life and how lucky we are.

COOKIE_AT_WORK1People you have the fondest memories working with?
Many many Cookie Crew: Roy Ayres, Edwin Starr, Gang Starr, Black Sheep, Daddy-O & DBC from Stetsasonic and Davy DMX. On the UK we worked with Dazzle, Danny D, Chill Phill and DJ Biznizz.

As a Marketing/Product Manager and independent consultant I have worked with some incredible labels and artists: MCA/Universal, Koch Records/In The Paint Records, Atlantic Records, RSK Entertainment, SMC Recordings and Strange Music.

Artists and albums campaigns I have worked over the years inc. Mary J Blige, Eyrkah Badu, KC & Jo Jo, Blackstreet, Rahsaan Patterson, Queen Pen, Rasco, Killah Priest, KRS-One, Afu-Ra, Fredro Starr, Rza, Missy Elliott, Twista, Lil Kim, Lupe Fiasco, P Diddy, T.I., Cassie, Marques Houston, Tweet, Brandy, Trey Songz, Pretty Ricky, Cham, Rupee, Kevin Lyttle, Trick Daddy, Notorious B.I.G., Fabolous, Musiq Soulchild, Danity Kane, Skye, Raekwon, Fat Joe, Rakim, Capone n Noreaga, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko and Sabrina Washington who is one of the two UK artists i've worked throughout my career. I am an International Princess and was titled the 'Urban Queen'at Atlantic.

Most stressful part of your job?
I am a very organized person which enables me to be stress free most of the time.....I usually observe others being stressed around me and if you're on point stress should never come into the equation. Ask Taponeswa and Mel, they'll tell you how I roll. They are official members of the 'Urban Angels'.

Best part of your job?
Everything - i've worked with amazing people both in the UK and US. Most/all of my career I have worked mainly with with U.S. companies and artists. Having a superb network of contacts who are progressive and productive is a blessing.

What would your advice be to people wanting to work within the industry?
Don't expect it to happen overnight and be prepared to put in some serious hours. Know your industry and why you really want to be a part of it. Surround yourself with ambitious people and the ones who 'get it'.

How has the digital revolution changed your role?
I have fully embraced the digital revolution - in the begining I just didn't get it (i'm old school - sorry true school). I just didn't understand or comprehend that the industry was getting to a point where you couldn't walk into to record shop and touch and feel the product. Everything was too instant and took away from the traditional ways and values of buying music. But I understand it now and it's part of my everyday life in my work. Some generations don't even own vinyl!

Is there anything about the work you'd like to change – and why?
Hell no, everything and every experience has fallen into place perfectly. To change anything would mean i'd have to live in another dimension.

What is the least fondest memory (albeit getting naked at a Christmas party etc...) throughout your career?
I don't get naked or drunk at Xmas parties or 'shag' work colleagues or forget what I did the night before. It's never been a part of my DNA. My career and my part in this industry is deeper than the average and the era that I cometh from never involved such activity and if it did, it never fell upon my forecourt.

If you weren't currently doing what you do, what do you think you'd be doing?
It would involve food or hair/beauty. My hands are never idle and i'd be busy with and and Cookie Properties. If none of those and if Hip Hop never came into my life I'd still be a Chef, the best of course ;) look out for

What's best, the Cookie Crew days, or the right here and now? .
The two go hand in hand - Cookie Crew = me, here and now at this exact moment in time. I wouldn't be where I am today and the person that I am without enrolling in the school of Hip Hop. Cookie Crew laid the foundation for Cookie Pryce and Fortune Cookie Marketing & PR. I salute myself and others for being there.


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