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Frank Ocean's father seeks $14.5m from singer in libel lawsuit

By Joanna Chaundy | 07 February 2017
Calvin Cooksey, Frank Ocean's estranged father, filed a lawsuit on Thursday accusing his son of libel over a blog entry published on Tumblr.


Last summer, the 29-year-old artist reacted to last year's Pulse nightclub massacre by recalling a hate-filled rant from his father when he was just six-years-old. According to Ocean's account, the two sat inside a neighborhood diner where Cooksey called a transgender waitress a "faggot." Cooksey then dragged his son out of the establishment, allegedly telling Ocean they wouldn't be served because she was "dirty."

Now, Cooksey is claiming the entry has damaged his so-called entertainment career and he's seeking $14.5 million in the case. In one section of the lawsuit, he accuses his son of hypocrisy over his relationship with Tyler the Creator, whom he considers homophobic.

He also says the friendship deceives the Human Rights Campaign as well as Ellen DeGeneres, whom he calls a very good dancer.

Ocean usually remains tight-lipped on his relationship with Cooksey but he revealed some details to the New York Times back in 2013. "His father split without explanation when he was 6, and Ocean would say nothing about that to me other than that his dad was a failed musician who 'went crazy' and made questionable hairstyle choices," Jeff Himmelman writes.

NPR reports that Cooksey also sued Russell Simmons for libel and emotional distress in 2014 but the case was dismissed the same year.

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