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Electric Erotic

Artist: Aaron Paul

Label: AP Music & Productions

By Duncan Payne | 28 December 2016

Fans of the long running cult TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ may be raising an eyebrow in disbelief at the concept of one of their favourite actors releasing an album of high-camp dance music, but they need not worry. For Aaron Paul, whose newly released ‘Electric Erotic’ set is making waves, is not one and the same, but the former World’s Apart front-man whose 2014 debut set ‘Raw’ brought him into the spotlight as a solo artist thanks to bangers such as ‘PnP (Party N Play)’ and the chart smash ‘I Don’t Care’.

Two years on and ‘Electric Erotic’ is here and what we have is an eclectic mix of electronic dance music with the emphasis on fun. And while Paul is deadly serious about his career, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Having something to take your mind off the pressures of life in 2017 while not being made to feel any sort of guilt is what ‘Electric Erotic’ is all about.

Paul’s music takes in all whole range of influences from eighties hi-nrg and Detroit techno to early noughties trance, R&B and beyond with some seriously sexy lyrics thrown into the melting pot. Think of a twenty-first century Sylvester singing in a lower register and you have an idea of where ‘Electric Erotic’ takes you.

London-born Paul who has also worked in New York fashion has created a set very much in tune with his own fun loving personality and although he has called on the skills of top producers and mixers to help him achieve the end result (Virgo, Stormby, DJ Absence, E39) it’s very much a reflection of himself. Paul summed up the album by saying: “I wanted to create an album that incorporates the various sides of me musically. I am pop, urban, Caribbean, English and American. I am electric, so being able to blend everything into a specific genre was not hard, but it was definitely something that made me think. Once I put everything together, it was obvious that this body of work was nothing less than something that is Electric and Erotic.”

With a remarkable 18 tracks on the set, most are relatively brief but with ample potential for remixes and extended edits for release as singles downloads. It is tricky to highlight individual tunes for specific mention because most of the album is filled with music which has either hit potential or be big on the club scene. ‘Shine Bright’ is definitely worth checking out with its mellow R&B feel and it’s the most soulful cut while the high camp churchy  title track is probably more representative  of Paul’s music.

No-one should rush into buying the album if they expect anything too deep and to be honest, Paul doesn’t have the voice to carry off a serious ballad. But if modern day EDM utilising influences from the past 35 years combined with a pop element is your bag, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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