Days And Times (EP)

Artist: D.A.

Label: Justdamusic

By Duncan Payne | 24 February 2017

Any Hip Hop EP which has philosopher Bertrand Russell’s ‘Love is wise, hatred is foolish’ timeless message from his 1959 BBC interview as the opening track suggests that what lies ahead is no ordinary collection. Then take into account that the set of songs emanate from South London, a part of the world where Grime music has seemingly overtaken its East London neighbour thanks to Stormzy, Section Boys and the rest, and this seven track EP seems completely at odds with what’s going down south of the river.

No low frequency bass and frantic beats can be heard here. And although every track is written from the perspective of a rapper living in the inner city, D.A.’s rhymes are wise just as much as they are streetwise. He looks beyond the next street corner, the next fast food joint, the next must have accessory. Instead, D.A. looks at a far bigger picture. Of course he is concerned with his own surroundings and life – ‘My Child’ could only have been written by the thrilled expectant father he was - but he is equally aware of a world where the populist press spread mistruths, politicians are corrupt, and where the real power lies is with the wealthy few.

D.A. has been rapping for more than fifteen years but has only been able to truly devote the time to master his craft over the past three years. That time and effort has not been wasted. His beats are both fresh and a hark back to the golden age of the late nineties. This is music for the here and now but with a real old school flavour. Check out ‘High Definition’ and ‘Progress’ and you’ll get where he’s coming from.

The Sydenham-based rapper has created a ‘What’s Goin’ On’ for the modern era, rhymes with a message that demand to be heard. Thought-provoking, evocative rather than provocative, he seeks the truth, and speaks the truth. He looks beyond the four walls and encourages us all to do likewise. You may choose not to but you’d be all the poorer for it.


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