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Album Reviews

Everything 050

Artist 050 Boyz
Label 050 Entertainment
By Andrew Kay | 26 May 2015
Published in: Album Reviews
New Jersey might not have the cache of New York’s history when it comes to hip-hop history, but Naughty by Nature’s Treach doesn’t have to defend his contribution; it’s spoken for itself over the last twenty-five years. Continue>

Look Closer

Label Daptone
Sheep Score
By Charles Waring | 07 May 2015
Published in: Album Reviews
Old school soul revivalism doesn't get much better than this, a stunning debut album by gospel-reared New York soul singers Saundra Williams and Starr Duncan-Lowe. Both began singing ecclesiastical music in their local church in the Big Apple's South Bronx area and later performed in a wedding band alongside one… Continue>

Love Story

Artist Yelawolf
Label Interscope
By Eric Maganga | 04 May 2015
Published in: Album Reviews
Alabama spitter Yelawolf’s last release was the uneven ‘Radioactive’ that showed glimpses of hit making potential. But is he is just another novelty, gimmicky type of musician, more famous for his race, or does he have an actual career ahead of him? Continue>

Jarrod Lawson At The BBC’ 

Label Dome
Sheep Score
By Charles Waring | 02 April 2015
Published in: Album Reviews
About to undertake a full tour of the UK (which begins in Gateshead on 10th April and ends in Minehead on 9th May) the much-hyped new white hope of blue-eyed soul, Jarrod Lawson, follows up his acclaimed self-titled debut album from 2014 with this four-track mini-album which has just been… Continue>

Avant Garde

Artist Constant Deviants
Label Six2Six Records
Sheep Score
By Andrew Kay | 22 March 2015
Published in: Album Reviews
Rappers Constant Deviants started in the early to mid nineties, the so called Golden Era, where older scribes like me remember when album releases were more hit than miss, rhymes and beats were creative, quality and about something. The Golden Era goes back to the late 80s, especially 1988, but… Continue>

Blaxploitation - Six Classic Soundtracks’ 

Label Universal/Spectrum
Sheep Score
By Charles Waring | 11 March 2015
Published in: Album Reviews
When Melvin Van Peebles' groundbreaking black independent movie 'Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song' (with its soundtrack by an early line up of Earth, Wind & Fire) grossed $10,000,000 on its release in 1971, surprised Hollywood movie executives realised that the then largely untapped African-American market could be a lucrative one and… Continue>

A Natural Woman

Artist Various Artists
Label Sony/ Box Music Ltd
Sheep Score
By Felix Mensah | 04 March 2015
Published in: Album Reviews
The sequel to last year’s hit ‘I’m Every Woman is finally here and is doing the business in the compilation album chart. Continue>

It’s Over - 70s Songwriter Demos And Masters

Label Kent/Ace
Sheep Score
By Charles Waring | 06 February 2015
Published in: Album Reviews
Sam Dees, a year shy of his 70th birthday, is the undisputed poet laureate of heartbreak southern soul. Though adored by the soul music cognoscenti and Weekender crowds he's not a household name either here or in his native USA but over the years he's provided memorable songs for the… Continue>


Artist Joe
Label Plaid/Takeover
Sheep Score
By Charles Waring | 09 January 2015
Published in: Album Reviews
In the quick-to-forget, here-today-gone-tomorrow world of contemporary US R&B, Georgia-born singer/songwriter Joe Thomas has been the exception to the rule, proving that true class can transcend ephemeral fads and fashions and stand the test of time. Indeed, it is twenty-two years since Joe first debuted with the album 'Everything' back… Continue>

Montana (film review)

Sheep Score
By Andrew Kay | 04 December 2014
Published in: Album Reviews
After the glut of British gangster films that have flooded the market over the last few years, reviewing a new one would bring a natural sense of trepidation and caution. Many of these gangster films have gone straight to DVD, being (relatively) cheap to make and with a ready-built audience… Continue>
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