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?uestlove at The Doctor's Order's

Venue: East Village, London

Date: 11th September 2010

By Matt Rodriguez | 18 September 2010

The Doctor's Order's has been bringing quality hip hop to London for over five years now. Sticking to the simple idea that if you play good music to a friendly crowd your always gonna draw a crowd.

Rocking up at a reasonable 11pm and seeing the club sold out confirmed this as well as confirming that there is still demand for real hip hop away from the champagne and designer garms which sadly pervades much of hip hop culture these days. The bar upstairs is moving nicely to the sound of funky break beats and true school bombs while downstairs Eric Lau works his way through a heavily Detroit influenced set. Phat Kat, Black Milk and Guilty Simpson all feature before SV's classic "you know what love is" gets what's unlikely to be its first play of the night.

Back upstairs the residents keep it coming, cutting up much sampled party fodder from Parliament, Maceo & the Macks and the Jackson 5 to keep the crowd moving. Downstairs is where the heat is though as Spin Doctor picks up the pace, working the crowd expertly for the main event. ?uestlove's distinctive frame appears in the booth and it's on. To be honest I'm a bit suspicious when people not renowned as DJ's get booking to play sets. Sometimes it appears some ones just turned up for a payday or bask in their own ego however there were no such fears here with the Roots drummer's (fresh from a performance at the Barbican with the full band) selection. "When I drop this y'all gonna go apeshit" ?uest yells before the opening keys of Raekwon's 'Ice Cream' burst through the speakers and the man's not wrong. Switching between golden era classics and the records that made them (done to good effect during Wu-Tang and ATCQ mixes) it's a strong well paced selection over the 3 hours.

As ever a quality night; nice crowd, laidback vibe and party atmosphere, by the time the lights come up the basement is still packed full of smiling, sweating people.

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