Eddie Holman

Venue: Roadmenders, Northampton

Date: 21st October 2017

By Felix Mensah | 26 October 2017
Eddie Holman Jamie Penny

This was a triple-DJ Northern Soul-themed event organised by local broadcaster Paddy Grady - one of the DJs alongside Rob Glover of the mod-themed Buzz Club nights, and some guy named Felix who also acted in short notice as Mr Holman’s ‘Musical Director’ for the performance... but that’s another story!

A highly-respected soul music performer, Eddie Holman has been a regular visitor to the UK for nigh on 50 years. His popularity in the Northern Soul movement has admittedly sustained his justification to surface now and again in the UK.

The ambience for the night was set by an enthusiastic crowd waiting for the somewhat enigmatic and energetic Mr Holman, who is aged in his early 70s and has still got that trademark falsetto voice. He peppered his performances with antedotes about what inspired him, which the Northern Soul crowd love so much.

Kicking off the performance is his ‘signature’ tune, “Eddie’s My Name” - which was inspired by his love of the female form as a younger man - he followed that with a stunning performance of “Stay Mine” which was inspired by his marriage. There was a tragic tinge behind the stories of his next two songs “She’s Wanted” and “Where Im Not Wanted,” both penned initially for fellow soul singer Larry Clinton who, despite managing to record the former, prematurely passed before having the chance to record the latter.

Eddie continued to cruise and croon his way with smooth professionalism through Northern dancefloor favourites “Hurt” and “Hold Me In Your Arms,” and did a touching Temptations tribute with a performing “My Girl.”

Having slowed down the set with the melodic ballad “I Love You,”  he quickly picked up speed with a double performance of the falsetto dancer “I Surrender” to an already impressed crowd.

Mr, Holman closed his live set with his major pop crossover smash , his gender-changed cover of Ruby & The Romantics' doo-wop number “Hey There Lonely Girl,” resulting in a dancing couples or the hand swaying individual.

By and large a great performance to cement an already great night.

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