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Live Reviews

LEON WARE & FRIENDS Jazz Café, London (July 17 2009)

By Charles Waring | 24 July 2009
Published in: Live Reviews
How does Leon Ware do it? The Detroit-born high priest of erotic soul celebrated his 69th birthday earlier this year but you wouldn’t have guessed it judging from the high level of passion and commitment he injected into a marathon two-hour performance at a packed Jazz Café. Continue>
It’s not always easy to rock a crowd when the venue is only half- full. While support act Scrabull did his best rapping over jazzy beats, his rhymes were muddied by the over-modulation of the music. It did not bode well for main act, The Game. Especially as the promoters, to… Continue>
I’m not going to lie, DJ competitions can often be quite tiresome. After 20 minutes of scratches, chirps and disjointed electronic warbles, everything starts to sound rather similar. Luckily the DMC UK final featured some turntablists who, aside from being rather good, spunked things up with some fun onstage antics. Continue>

OMAR: Jazz Cafe, London, (10th July 2009)

By Louise Akrofi | 17 July 2009
Published in: Live Reviews
Any true music fan will tell you that live soul can be uplifting, but on a Friday night in Camden, UK soul icon Omar delivered live music in a calibre of its own. London’s Jazz Café has hosted some real greats and Omar’s presence made no exception. The intimate setting,… Continue>

MARSHA AMBROSIUS: Jazz Cafe, London (5th July 2009)

By Daniella Robbins | 13 July 2009
Published in: Live Reviews
Marsha Ambrosius has a growing list of credentials to her name. Best known as Ms. Songstress from the unforgotten British neo-soul duo Floetry, she's recently been recalled as the writer of the outstanding 'Butterflies' on Michael Jackson's 'Invincible' album. She's collaborated with a variety of artists from Jill Scott to… Continue>

LITTLE BROTHER: Jazz Café, London (1st July 2009)

By Reah Brown | 09 July 2009
Published in: Live Reviews
It’s been two years since North Carolina’s finest, Little Brother, performed in London and it was as if the prodigal son’s of Hip hop returned to their family. Continue>

JOCELYN BROWN: Jazz Café (6 June 2009)

By Reah Brown | 12 June 2009
Published in: Live Reviews
If the walls of Camden’s Jazz Café could speak, it would tell you that Jocelyn Brown’s performance on 7th June 2009 was the most boisterous by far. The Queen of 70’s disco brought the house down with her impressive and compelling vocals forcing present day so-called self proclaimed diva’s to… Continue>

Melanie Fiona

Venue Bloomsbury Ballroom, London
Date 3 June 2009
By Natalie D. Marshall | 06 June 2009
Published in: Live Reviews
‘Hey London, how ya’ll doing? This is the third time I have been here and I love this place’. Already showing her love and appreciation for the London massive - which was firmly reciprocated by the appreciative crowd that had waited patiently to get into London’s Bloomsbury Ballroom to watch… Continue>
The Big Apple clarinet virtuoso, Don Byron, is something of a musical chameleon - though he's often categorised as a jazz player and currently records for Blue Note, the scope of the music he's recorded over the last decade or so has been so broad, eclectic and all-encompassing that it… Continue>

D12: The ABC, Glasgow (1 April 2009)

By David Craig | 12 May 2009
Published in: Live Reviews
It was obvious from the outset that all the ABC were up for partying with Detroit's finest. After a lengthy absence, and without stars Eminem and the sadly-departed Proof, there was curiosity as to how D12 were going to adapt. No worries necessary as they took to the stage bringing… Continue>
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