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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>

Live Reviews

The Pharcyde

Venue Electric Ballroom, London
Date 1st April 2016
By Andrew Kay | 02 April 2016
Published in: Live Reviews
Billed as the 20th Anniversary show of their second (and better) album, “Lacabincalfornia,” (which was supposed to be played in full, according to the Electric Ballroom blurb on their website,) the two remaining members of The Pharcyde, Imani and Bootie Brown, came on stage to rekindle some of the 90s allure… Continue>

A look back at Phife Dawg's show at London's Jazz Cafe 

Venue The Jazz Cafe, London
Date 18 March 2010
By Christopher Mitchell | 23 March 2016
Published in: Live Reviews
Honestly speaking, despite being a huge fan of Phife and A Tribe Called Quest as a collective, I went to this show with a sense of apprehension. There was no Q-Tip or Ali Shaheed Mohammad on the bill and its been ten years since Phife's last solo album so what… Continue>

Action Bronson

Venue The Roundhouse, London
Date 13th September 2015
By Andrew Kay | 15 September 2015
Published in: Live Reviews
Action Bronson is a force of nature. A large, imposing figure, in full ginger beard, which he wears proudly. With Bronson there’s an energy and passion, a real sense of fun that has been absent from many a live show’s repertoire. Despite the most soulful of death threats from Ghostface… Continue>

Cypress Hill 

Venue Victoria Park, London
Date 17th July 2015
By Joanna Chaundy | 21 July 2015
Published in: Live Reviews
It came as a shock that Lovebox would manage to get hold of hip-hop pioneers, Cypress Hill, to be one of the headlining acts this year. Especially, given that most of the youngsers in the crowd wouldn't be old enough to know who they are. However, what a rare treat… Continue>

Ocean Beach Club

Venue Ocean Beach Club, Ibiza
Date 8th July 2015
By Mark Devlin | 18 July 2015
Published in: Live Reviews
Is daytime raving the new clubbing trend in Ibiza?  With venues like the recently-founded Ocean Beach Club now a firm fixture in the island's partying infrastructure, there's certainly a case to be made. Continue>

Soul City, Ibiza

Venue Soul City, San Antonio, Ibiza
Date 7th/ 8th July 2015
By Mark Devlin | 10 July 2015
Published in: Live Reviews
A winning combination of old and new elements have combined to keep Ibiza's legendary Soul City venue on top of its game for yet another year, as Black Sheep Mag discovered when it headed over to take the pulse of the place for Summer 2015. Continue>

Public Enemy

Venue The Roundhouse, London
Date 27th June 2015
By Andrew Kay | 30 June 2015
Published in: Live Reviews
If you ever check for Chuck D on Twitter, he constantly drops science as to the ‘art of the show,’ citing prime examples, giving his sage wisdom and making comparisons with his own interpretation of how to give a great live performance. For someone who has been doing just that,… Continue>


Venue The Roundhouse, London
Date 28th June 2015
By Andrew Kay | 30 June 2015
Published in: Live Reviews
There’s a case for labelling Wu-Tang Clan member GZA the most cerebral of the group. The similes, clever metaphors and acute comparisons, especially to do with pop culture, are a testament to his verbal talents and ingenuity. So much so, that GZA might as well be the most low-key of… Continue>

J Cole

Venue Store Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
Date 6th May 2015
By Eric Maganga | 19 May 2015
Published in: Live Reviews
For the fourth time since 2011, Jermaine brought Cole World to Copenhagen. Performing at the Store Vega venue for the third time, this was an opportunity to get intimately acquainted with the man and his latest release, '2014 Forest Hills Drive', given that he just happened to perform the entire… Continue>

Southport Weekender 52

Venue Butlins, Minehead
Date 8-10 May 2015
By Andrew Kay | 11 May 2015
Published in: Live Reviews
This was only my second time at the legendary Southport Weekender, the last being in 2011, and to dub it just an ‘experience’ doesn’t really do it justice.  It’s a movement that’s been around since 1987, and has been an undeniable stalwart of the UK black music calendar. Continue>
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