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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>

Live Reviews

Motown/ Soul Night/ The Elgins

Venue Northamptonshire County Cricket Ground
Date 6th October 2012
By Felix Mensah | 14 October 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
Tonight marked a ‘Shades’ tribute event, (Shades being a local classic soul club of the 60s & 70s). This was a night organised by veteran all round promoter/ DJ Paddy Grady, with guest DJ slots by MKFM/ Envison’s Paul Gray and the legendary Finny, plus the main attraction - a live… Continue>

Large Professor & Cormega

Venue The Jazz Cafe, London
Date 26th Sept 2012
By Ryan Proctor | 05 October 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
Few individuals embody the essence of Hip-Hop like Flushing, Queens legend Large Professor. From his early beginnings as a student of the late, great studio wiz Paul C., to Main Source's 1991 classic "Breaking Atoms" and his production / remix work for the likes of Nas, Common and Gang Starr,… Continue>

Cormega & Large Professor

Venue The Jazz Cafe, London
Date 26th September 2012
By Christopher Mitchell | 03 October 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
Cormega and Large Professor on the same bill? I would have been just as excited if it was one of them, but both of them together ensured that this was a night that I could not miss.  I was definitely looking forward to seeing this show.  I have been listening… Continue>

Teedra Moses

Venue The Jazz Cafe, London
Date 29th Sept 2012
By Thuto Mali | 01 October 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
Life is said to go in 7 year cycles or chapters, and so much has happened in the 7 years since Teerda Moses' last UK show and extended hiatus from the music scene. Now said to be under Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group and back in the UK to sold-out… Continue>

The Beatnuts

Venue The Jazz Cafe, London
Date 31 August 2012
By Ryan Proctor | 06 September 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
The Beatnuts may have started off as a three-man crew (with the inimitable Fashion making up the third of the trio), but following their reduction to a two- man unit after the release of their brilliant 1994 debut album, Queens, NY producers-on-the-mic Psycho Les and Junkyard JuJu have gone on to… Continue>

Beat Junkies Live at Jazz Cafe

Venue The Jazz Cafe, London
Date 23rd August 2012
By Ryan Proctor | 27 August 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the deejay was considered to be the backbone of Hip-Hop culture. From the original 70s Bronx block-parties as rocked by Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa, to the technical innovations of Grandmaster Flash and Grand Wizard Theodore, onto the 80s showmanship of Jazzy Jeff and… Continue>

Damian Marley

Venue The Indig02
Date 26th July 2012
By Phil ‘Phlex’ Xavier | 30 July 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
Fifty years since Princess Margret handed over the papers granting Jamaica independence from Britain, a contingency of its most notable artists descended on Greenwich to occupy Indigo2 for 13 days and mark the occasion. Leading the charge was the new generation of reggae's first family, the Marleys playing to an… Continue>


Venue The Jazz Cafe
Date 23rd July 2012
By Ryan Proctor | 30 July 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
When it comes to the old-school tradition of an emcee rocking a crowdwith nothing more than a microphone and two turntables, Bronx-born Hip-Hop legend KRS-One could very easily lay claim to being the best toever do it. No matter how many times you might see the Blastmasterlive, his vast classic… Continue>

Angie Stone

Venue The Indig02
Date 23rd July 2012
By Anthony Keiler | 25 July 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
Angie Stone's performance will live long in the memory more for her gratitude, kindness and class rather than the singing. Continue>

Something Out Of Nothing: The Art Of Rap European Premiere

Venue Hammersmith Apollo, London
Date 19th July 2012
By Andrew Kay | 20 July 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
A unique event in hip-hop culture went down this month when Ice-T hosted his documentary “The Art of Rap”, a 100 minute or so journey into the art and craft of this art form.  Rather than explain or define what is hip-hop or show stock footage of rappers battling or… Continue>
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