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Live Reviews

Jazzy Jeff

Venue Jazz Cafe, London
Date 9 May 2012
By Ryan Proctor | 14 May 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
It's a true sign of the times when a deejay can simply walk into apacked club, plug his laptop in, check his headphones and then fiveminutes later be launching into his set. Gone are the days of power-lifting bags of records around and worrying about damaging treasuredwhite label singles and… Continue>


Venue Jazz Cafe, London
Date 25 April 2012
By Christopher Mitchell | 01 May 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
Last week, singer, producer and all round incredible artist, Dwele, left "The D" for London to perform a night of four shows at the world renowned Jazz Cafe. Whilst this was not his first time on London soil or at the Jazz Cafe for the matter; one thing that remained… Continue>

Anthony Hamilton

Venue Indig02, London
Date 20th April 2012
By Anthony Keiler | 21 April 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
Type 'North Carolina Top Ten' into Google and you'll be presented with attractions like: Art museums, amusement parks and a Great Smokey Mountain National Park. 'Art', 'amusement' and 'smokey' are apt words to describe North Carolina’s son, Anthony Hamilton, and his performance at the Indig02 on Friday evening. Continue>

Lauryn Hill

Venue IndigO2, London
Date 14th April 2012
By Andrew Kay | 15 April 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
Lauryn Hill can count herself amongst a rarefied number of female vocalists who still have the power to move and enthral a crowd, despite only ever having one solo album- and that was 14 years ago! 1998's 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' has sold anywhere from 10-18 million copies. With… Continue>


Venue The Jazz Cafe, London
Date 29th March 2012
By Ryan Proctor | 08 April 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
When Queens, NY foursome Onyx re-invented themselves following their1990 Profile Records single debut "Ah, And We Do It Like This",smashing their way back onto the early-90s rap scene via Def Jam withbald-heads, guns and an aggressive rhyme style, opinions were divided.Some heads gravitated towards the crew's violent verses and hardtracks,… Continue>

Marley (directed by Kevin McDonald)

Venue Nationwide
Date from 20th April 2012
By Andrew Kay | 30 March 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
Bob Marley is that most alluring and elusive of late 20th Century musical and cultural icons. His poster - of him in ecstasy of feeling the music, focused, with his dreads flowing, dressed in a natty jean jacket, replicated on the greatest hits “Legend” album (the staple CD of just… Continue>

Souls of Mischief

Venue Jazz Cafe, London
Date 11 March 2012
By Ryan Proctor | 15 March 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
Introduced to the rap world in the early-90s as proteges of Ice Cube's cousin Del The Funky Homosapien, Oakland's Souls Of Mischief have built themselves an impressive reputation over the years as being staunch purveyors of quality underground Hip-Hop packed with impressive verbal gymnastics. Transcending the traditional boundaries of subterranean… Continue>

Nice & Smooth

By Ryan Proctor | 08 March 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
I'm going to cut to the chase here and go on record as saying thatlegendary duo Nice & Smooth's one-off show at London's Jazz Cafe wasone of the best gigs I've been to in a long, long time. The undeniablechemistry, animated rhymes and party-starting beats heard on so many of the Bronx… Continue>

Jean Grae

Venue The Jazz Cafe, London
Date 31st January 2012
By Christopher Mitchell | 08 February 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
With a career spanning nearly two decades, Jean Grae has proven herself to be one of the most respected yet overlooked talents in all of hip-hop. Even though during this time she adopted various monikers, initially as a member of underground Natural Resource and then as What What, she is… Continue>


Venue The Jazz Cafe, London
Date 19th January 2012
By Charles Waring | 25 January 2012
Published in: Live Reviews
As I watched fDeluxe going through their sound check in an empty Jazz Café, they began playing a groove that was taut, lean, and riding on a sinewy bass line. That was when something strange and remarkable happened to me: as I tapped my foot in time with the beat… Continue>
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