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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>


Comet, Come To Me

Label Naïve
Sheep Score
By Charles Waring | 09 October 2014
Published in: Album Reviews
After a decade-long tenure with Madonna's Warner-owned Maverick imprint - where she endured a strained relationship with the company and once described herself as an 'indentured servant' - Ndegeocello had several short stints at small labels before landing at French indie, Naïve, in 2011. There, the bass-wielding singer-songwriter has really… Continue>


Label Portrait
Sheep Score
By Charles Waring | 09 October 2014
Published in: Album Reviews
It's hard to believe that fourteen years have elapsed since this New York-born chanteuse seduced listeners with 'Tanto Tempo,' her groundbreaking debut album for the Belgian Ziriguiboom label, which witnessed her pioneering electro bossa nova. The daughter of legendary Brazilian musician Joao Gilberto and singer Miucha, Bebel, now 48, releases… Continue>

Issues Of Life

Artist Gregory Porter
Label Membran
Sheep Score
By Charles Waring | 15 September 2014
Published in: Album Reviews
Subtitled 'Features And Remixes,' this 12-track retrospective collects together an assortment of odds and sods that the Grammy-winning US soul-jazz sensation recorded as a guest artist in the two or three years prior to his breakthrough album 'Liquid Spirit.' On one level, 'Issues of Life' could be perceived as a… Continue>

LP 1

Artist F.K.A. TWIGS
Label Young Turks
Sheep Score
By Charles Waring | 15 September 2014
Published in: Album Reviews
Not so long ago, Tahlia Barnett was working as a dancer and appeared in videos by Kylie Minogue, Ed Sheeran and Taio Cruz. Last year, however, she reinvented herself as a singer/songwriter going under the rather curious name of FKA Twigs and released a couple of EPs. Now, the 26-year-old… Continue>

Soul City, Ibiza: Summer '14 - it's a wrap!

By Mark Devlin | 10 September 2014
Published in: Live Reviews
Soul City has been firing on all cylinders for Summer 2014 - all the more impressive considering it's now held its status as the undisputed king of urban/ black music on the island for over 20 years!  Try as they may, the competition just can't crack the wild atmosphere, friendly… Continue>

Kanye West: Superstar (Book)

Artist Byron Crawford
Label Amazon/ iTunes
Sheep Score
By Andrew Kay | 20 August 2014
Published in: Album Reviews
Depending on whose orbit Byron Crawford finds himself in, he’s either the scourge or sage of the internet blogsphere where hip-hop is concerned. Setting his sights on a clown like Kanye might be too much of an easy target, but to Byron’s credit, he doesn’t take easy pot-shots; instead, he… Continue>

Soul City - where the party's at

Venue San Antonio, Ibiza
Date 15th/ 16th July 2014
By Mark Devlin | 20 July 2014
Published in: Live Reviews
It's standard procedure for the superclubs of Ibiza to talk of the fantastic atmosphere they generate. Certainly most are world-class spectacular ... but they sure do come at a price!  With club entrance alone often hitting the 50 or 60 Euro mark, and a single drink setting you back 20… Continue>

Nile Rodgers Presents Disco Inferno

Artist Various
Label Warner TV
Sheep Score
By Charles Waring | 18 July 2014
Published in: Album Reviews
Back in the limelight again following his stellar cameo alongside the hottest hat-sporting R&B man in town, Pharrell Williams - on Daft Punk’s massive selling ‘Random Access Memories’ album - Chic’s co-founder Nile Rodgers has put his name to this 3-CD collection of magical mirrorball moments. Continue>

Eminem with Dr. Dre

Venue Wembley Stadium, London
Date 11th July 2014
By Andrew Kay | 12 July 2014
Published in: Live Reviews
If nothing else went down tonight, then history was still made. Eminem was the first rapper to play the hallowed Wembley Stadium, long a spectre for England’s football glories. A 90,000 capacity venue, which has played host to many a rock band (Muse, U2) and, of course, Live Aid, Wembley,… Continue>


Artist Aaron Paul
Label AP Music & Productions
Sheep Score
By Felix Mensah | 01 July 2014
Published in: Album Reviews
RAW is the somewhat belated debut album from the London born but New York based recording artist Aaron Paul who some eagle eyed music buffs will recall as one fifth of the boy band Worlds Apart who enjoyed a quartet of UK top 30 hits in the mid ‘90s. Continue>
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