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Artist: The Pharcyde

Year: 1995

By Christopher Mitchell | 17 September 2009

I can remember how this video blew my mind the first time I ever saw it. I was amazed. I was at a friends house watching "The Box" and we taped this video onto a VHS cassette. For the young ones who do not know what a VHS cassette is, please refer to this link.

Rapping a verse in real time whilst physically moving backwards? I thought it was black magic in full effect but even that didn't stop me from appreciating the artistry that was on display in the "Drop" video. In time I learnt that Fatlip. Booty Brown, Imani and Slim Kid 3, collectively known as The Pharcyde, actually learnt their verses backwards in order to make this video work.

This is undoubtedly my favourite music video of all time and the tune itself in a stone cold classic. Everything from the beat, the rhymes and the visuals remind us of a time when videos did not need multi million dollar budgets but just great ideas. Also, we didn't read credits back then, but little did we know that the man behind the warped production would go on to become the iconic beat master known as J. Dilla.

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