5 O' Clock

Artist: Nonchalant

Year: 1995

By Mark Devlin | 20 October 2009

Nonchalant_stillNonchalant's is a name you never hear mentioned when a discussion on hip-hop's hottest female MCs crops up. To be fair, her output has been, shall we say, limited over the years. But a listen to the sharp incisiveness of her lyrics on this much-forgotten gem from 1995 demonstrates that she clearly deserves her place up there with MC Lyte, Apani B Fly, Bahamadia and all the rest.

Non' addresses the materialism and violence inherent in hip-hop at the time with cutting wit and intelligence. And this remains the only record ever to have sampled the chime from Band Aid's 'Do They Know It's Christmas' to haunting effect. What a beat.

Oh, the memories.



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