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Hey You 

Artist: Rock Steady Crew

Year: 1983

By Andrew Kay | 09 November 2009

RSCWe’re going way, way back this week with 1983’s crossover hit ‘Hey You, The Rock Steady Crew’ from the breakdancing crew collective, The Rock Steady Crew. Set up in 1977, the group was formed by b-boys named Jimmy D and Jojo. But soon after, it branched out into other locations, with the most famous being the Manhattan Rock Steady’s created by Crazy Legs and Lenny Len.

In 1983, part of the NY collective decided to release ‘Hey You, The Rock Steady Crew’, mainly to up their profile and show off their breakdancing skills in one of hip-hop’s first videos. It became so successful that it ended up in several countries’ chart top ten, especially in Europe and Australia, where the collective were embraced. Body poppin’ in classrooms and in playgrounds caught on like wild fire and kids with box fresh Adidas and Puma trainers would up-rock, breakdance and pop n’ lock anywhere with a decent space.

The track itself is a nice slice of 80s electro pop-funk, complete with a decent, sing-a-long chorus, setting the trend for artists such as Break Machine.

The Rock Steady Crew disbanded in the late 80s, only to be revived in 1991 by Crazy Legs, where it lives on, as an important part of the overall b-boy and hip-hop culture.


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