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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>

BAAAck In The Day

Monie In The Middle

Artist Monie Love
Year 1990
By Mark Devlin | 12 October 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
Mitcham's Ricky Walters, (better known as Slick Rick) wasn't the only British export to the US hip-hop scene back in the day. Simone Wilson, better known as Monie Love, made a big impact on these shores as the 80s merged into the 90s, exploding with a handful of slammers such as 'I Can Do This', 'Grandpa's Party (a tribute to Afrikaa Bambaataa), 'It's A Shame', and this little pop-friendly gem, before crossing the pond to try for fame and fortune… Continue>

The Life

Artist Styles P Feat. Pharoahe Monch
Year 2002
By Mark Devlin | 08 October 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
The amount of truly slamming hip-hop classics that have emerged since 2000 can be counted on one hand. But wow, this is one of them! Continue>

The Cypher Part 3

Artist Frankie Cutlass
Year 1996
By Mark Devlin | 07 October 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
With the opening line 'let me show you new rappers how to do a posse record', Craig G sets the tone for this loose re-working of Marley Marl's 'The Symphony', assembled by New York producer/ DJ Frankie Cutlass at the tail end of '96. Continue>

Traveling At The Speed Of Light

Artist Ultramagnetic MCs
Year 1987
By Andrew Kay | 01 October 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
It would be almost criminal to have a 'Baack in the Day' and not mention the Ultramagnetic MCs. The collective, featuring TR Love, Ced Gee, Tim Dog and Kool Keith, ran the hip-hop underground from 1986-1993, and their classic debut album, 'Critical Beatdown', is widely and rightfully acknowledged as one of hip-hop's all-time greatest. Continue>

Bring Forth The Guillotine

Artist Silver Bullet
Year 1989
By Andrew Kay | 29 September 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
1989 saw an emergence of fresh new talent from the U.K, none more so that Tottenham's own Silver Bullet. Signed to Dutch record label Tam Tam, his first cut, "Bring Forth the Guillotine" -for those buying the six and half minute 12" version - was an audio assault on the mind and body. Continue>
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