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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>

BAAAck In The Day

Channel Zero

Artist Canibus
Year 1998
By Mark Devlin | 14 September 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
Here's one for those that like their mind blown, and a great example of how hip-hop can be a truly revelatory force when it wants to be. Continue>

Who Is It?

Artist Mantronix
Year 1986
By Mark Devlin | 20 August 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
One of the biggest questions in hip hop, (well, in my mind at least) is whatever happened to MC Tee, the voice of the golden electro years of Mantronix. Kurtis Mantronik himself, of course, has gone on to dabble as a remixer and producer in various genres, notably electro house. Continue>

Nature Of The Threat

Artist Ras Kass
Year 1996
By Mark Devlin | 17 August 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
Anyone up for having their mind blown?  Good. Here's the 7-minute audio experience to do it. From the off, Ras Kass was one of the scene's most controversial rappers. As part of the supergroup The HRSMN, he shared mic duties with fellow heavy guys Canibus, Killah Priest and Kurupt. As a solist, his debut single 'Remain Anonymous' instantly hit the hall of fame for quotable lyrics. Continue>

Black Is Back

Artist Lakim Shabazz
Year 1988
By Andrew Kay | 16 August 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
I’m going to put my neck on the line with this one: I truly believe that DJ Mark ‘the 45’ King is the best producer in hip-hop music. Maybe not in these days and times, but, back when it mattered, he ran the game, with hit after hit, blessed and sprayed with his signature production. Continue>


Artist The Lost Boyz
Year 1995
By Mark Devlin | 13 August 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
When it's got right, hip-hop does storytelling like no other genre. And with 'Renee', the Lost Boyz sure got it right, getting everything on-point to create one of the most cinematic tracks in the genre's history. Continue>
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