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New videos from Truth By Design, The Doppelgangaz and Masta Ace... Continue>

BAAAck In The Day

Whutcha Want

Artist Nine
Year 1995
By Mark Devlin | 10 August 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
Originally called 9MM, Bronx MC Derrick Keyes re-dubbed himself Nine to make his name more palatable for radio play. Reportedly, aside from the gun talk, the name alludes to his birthdate (9/19/1969), as well as his shoe size. There was little toning down of the boom-bap flava of this jeep-rocking anthem, however, kicking off with a sample from Otis Redding's 'Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay' before igniting into a speaker-rocking bassline, and a beat so strong you're in… Continue>

We Don't Play

Artist Freshco & Miz
Year 1990
By Andrew Kay | 05 August 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
Back in the truly "Golden Era" of hip-hop, around 1990,  (people remember it, few lived through it) MC Frescho and DJ Miz were destined for big things. Frescho had just won the MC battle for World Supremacy, when mic skills actually meant something. Soon after, he and DJ Miz got a deal with Tommy Boy records, for a single and an album down the line. Whilst the single had a fat-free, muscular three song, five track platter, (long out-of-print) including… Continue>


Artist Mood
Year 1997
By Richard Bamford | 29 June 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
It's always going to be a tough one for me to decide against a Dilla track, but I think this might just pip it to his regally superior remix of Mood's Secrets of the Sand. Continue>


Artist Naughty By Nature
Year 1991
By Andrew Kay | 29 May 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
The summer of 1991 was dominated by one track: O.P.P by the Flavour Unit's most mainstream act Naughty By Nature. The infectious mash-up of 'ABC' by the Jackson Five and Melvin Bliss' 'Synthetic substitution' created one of any Summers all-time classic cook-out joints. O.K, the subject matter glorifying infidelity wasn't exactly progressive, but the sunshine and good vibes ensured it was going to happen anyway. Treach's aggressive flow complimented the sped-up beat, which incidentally, got Naughty successfully sued by the… Continue>

Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos

Artist Public Enemy
Year 1988
By Andrew Kay | 18 May 2010
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
Opening with a quote from soul group The Escorts and the track ‘Little Green Apples,’  but which cuts off before the State prison is actually mentioned - in this case, Rahway, New Jersey - this is Public Enemy at their most political.  Continue>
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