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'Around The Way Girl

Artist LL Cool J
Year 1990
By Mark Devlin | 26 October 2009
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
LL's dalliances with the world of R&B became ever more frequent as the 1990s wore on, and were very much hit or miss. Some were downright weak, ('Ain't Nobody', 'Who Do You Love',) others hit the right spot, ('Doin' It'.) But this Marley Marl-produced masterpiece was one of L's crowning moments, coming as it did right in the middle of the distinctive New Jack Swing era. Continue>

5 O' Clock

Artist Nonchalant
Year 1995
By Mark Devlin | 20 October 2009
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
Nonchalant's is a name you never hear mentioned when a discussion on hip-hop's hottest female MCs crops up. To be fair, her output has been, shall we say, limited over the years. But a listen to the sharp incisiveness of her lyrics on this much-forgotten gem from 1995 demonstrates that she clearly deserves her place up there with MC Lyte, Apani B Fly, Bahamadia and all the rest. Continue>

Coming of Age

By Christopher Mitchell | 15 October 2009
Published in: Video Interviews
Slick Rick said in a press quote that "the kid is ready". The kid he was referring to is BBE's latest signee Dynas. After dropping what Black Sheep consider to be contender for Hip Hop album of the year in "The Apartment", we had the pleasure of chopping it up with the Miami microphone master. We picked his brain about his debut album, his favourite Hip Hop songs and favourite albums. Continue>

'Letter To The Better

Artist Masta Ace & Action:
Year 1989
By Andrew Kay | 10 October 2009
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
One of the reasons for tuning into the Capital Rap Show from 1988-1994 was not only that you heard the most exclusive new hip-hop tracks, with flawless drops, stellar production and the inimitable, though often imitated DJ Tim Westwood, but that he played tracks that would make you excited that you were a part of hip-hop in the UK in its truly golden period. Continue>

'Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka

Artist Heltah Skeltah & O.G.C
Year 1993
By Christopher Mitchell | 07 October 2009
Published in: BAAAck In The Day
The posse cut is a concept that when it is executed properly can end up being a beautiful epiphany. Some of the most classic Hip-Hop moments have been exemplified in the almighty posse cut. Think of “Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest, “The Symphony” by The Juice Crew” and “Triumph” by Wu-Tang Clan and you'll surely get my drift. Continue>
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